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Guidance for Managers: The Grievance Procedure

Target Audience

This workshop is part of the core training which the University of Portsmouth expects managers at all levels to complete because managers manage conflict and grievances as part of their people skills development.


The workshop will ensure that participants understand how a grievance is managed according to the procedure and are familiar with all its key features. The overall aim is to ensure that all grievances are considered, documented and decided in a demonstrably fair and efficient manner.

The aims of the workshop are:

  • This session focuses on managing conflict and grievances at the lowest level
  • Provide clarity on how and when the formal procedure applies
  • Develop an understanding of roles and responsibilities within the procedure and the skills needed to manage it
  • Consider the role of mediation

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending participants will

  • Understand the role of the informal and formal grievance procedure in resolving employee complaints and have the toolkit and resources to manage issues
  • Be aware of emerging problems and how to manage these as they arise
  • How grievance links to other University people policies

Pre-event Preparation

Attendees will have read and familiarised themselves with the Grievance Procedure prior to attending the session.


Interactive event that includes briefings, case studies and group work.


Human Resource Advisers/Officers

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