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Guidance for Managers: Management of Under-performance Procedure

Target Audience:

This workshop is part of the core training which the University of Portsmouth expects staff with management responsibility to complete, ideally within the probabtion period.


The workshop aims to ensure that participants understand the purpose of the Management of Under-performance Procedure and when it is appropriate to apply it.  Participants will become familiar with informal and formal stages, roles and actions at each stage, union involvement and how to manage emerging issues throughout the process.  There will be case studies to work through.

The aims of the briefing session are:

To provide participants with:

  • an insight into the procedure and how it works
  • an understanding of their role and responsibilities in managing the procedure
  • an awareness of the importance of preparation and how to prepare.

Learning Outcomes:

As a result of attending participants will:

  • be able to manage poor performance effectively
  • understand the procedure
  • understand their role
  • be aware of possible problems that may arise when using the procedure and be equipped to deal with these constructively.

Pre-event Preparation

Attendees will have read and familiarised themselves with the Management of Under-performance Procedure and the FAQs, prior to attending as they will be heavily referenced throughout the session.


Interactive event that will include briefings, case studies and small group work.


Human Resource Advisers

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Delegate Feedback

'Case Studies, really help to translate the policy into real life actions.'
'Helpful, clear and well paced.'
'I have a better understanding, and feel more confident.'

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