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Mental De-Clutter

Target Audience

All Staff

Session Outline

This 2 hour workshop will provide a reflective space for delegates to identify what is causing them 'mental clutter' and then provide them with strategies to manage mental clutter and how to 'de-clutter'.  The facilitator will draw on neuroscience, metaphor and mindfulness in delivering this workshop - which will be practical and experiential in its delivery style.

Delegates will be signposted to further reading and you-tube clips to support this short workshop.

The aims of the session are to provide delegates with:

  • Approaches and strategies to 'de-clutter' their minds and thereby enhance focus.
  • An understanding of how very quickly and simply we can create 'mental clutter' from our throught processes alone.
  • An opportunity to understand some of the more scientific aspects of what is going on for them during times of stress, overload and limited performance.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of this session participants will: 

  • Have learnt a variety of techniques/approaches to help de-clutter their minds and provide head-space to think and focus clearly.


This is a practical workshop where delegates will be given the opportunity to 'try out' tools and approaches, it will be supported with facilitated discussion and a work-book.


Julia Carden, Carden Consulting

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