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Understanding Unconscious Bias - eLearning

Target Audience

Understanding Unconscious Bias- elearning is part of the core training which the University of Portsmouth expects staff, primarily those with management responsibility, to complete but is open to other staff as personal development.


This elearning will focus on staff developing an understanding of unconscious bias and its impact on good decision making.

The Aim of Learning is to:

  • Introduce the concept unconscious bias
  • Develop your individual skills to recognise unconscious bias
  • Develop your individual skills to address unconscious bias.

Learning Outcomes:

By the end of e-learning participants will: 

  • Have a greater understanding of what unconscious bias is
  • Be able to recognise how unconscious bias manifest itself in various situations
  • Be better placed to address unconscious bias to support good decision making.

Pre-event Preparation

Delegates are to be invited to take the Harvard Implicit Test  This is for personal information only and individual results will play no part in this session.


Delivered as an e-learning package (please email, Equality & Diversity, to gain access details)


Invitation to undertaking learning managed by the Equality and Diversity Unit.