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The AUA Professional Behaviours Framework


The AUA exists to advance and promote the professional recognition and development of all who work in support or professional service roles in higher education, and is as an authoritative advocate and champion for the section.  It is open to all, especially support/professional services staff within Higher Education (HE), on both a national and international basis.


What the AUA can mean for you

It offers Professional Membership of an organisation which provides support and tools for individuals to engage with, which can help you to enhance your career, widen your job prospects and creates valuable networking opportunities. 


How the AUA can help

It supports Career Development of staff via an established dedicated CPD framework – see below
It offers Membership accreditation  (Accredited Member or Fellow) for the following qualifications and opportunities: PgCert, PgDip & MSc in Professional Practice

There is a wide variety of resources available to members and various opportunities to share and find out from others at other HEIs what and how they do things, share good practice and ideas to develop yourself, and have an understanding of the wider context of HE including shared issues and challenges.


Where does the AUA add value? 


  • It offers resources including: Newsletters, Publications, Good Practice Guides and templates
  • It provides Forums and Networks (both Regional and Topic based) which can be used to find out how others do things
  • It offers a variety of events & conferences at national, regional and local level
  • It provides a Professional Behaviours Framework to support CPD with models for good practice


How can the Professional Behaviours Framework help in HE etc

The Professional Behaviours are focused around nine key behaviours and relate to individual, team and organisation expectations of behaviour.  The framework has been designed so it applies to all staff regardless of the role type or grade.

As an individual you can use the Professional Behaviour Framework to assess how you can develop yourself and reflect on how that fits in your current role and how you can develop in that role and beyond.  You can use it in your current role to self asses and review your performance and approach in the role, it can help to identify areas for development and to highlight your strengths. 

It can also be used for career planning to help identify behaviours appropriate for other roles to help target the areas that you wish to strengthen and consider development activities.



  • AUA CPD Framework


  • Professional Behaviours


  • Using the Professional Behaviours


  • Membership Accreditation