Human Resources

Additional Resources & Support



AUA – How they can help

Who they are, what they offer, how they can help etc

Continuing professional development – professional behaviour framework


Employee Assistant Programme (EAP) 

Career Counselling**

Careers Guidance/Careers coaching appointment

As part of your Employee Assistance Programme you are entitled to a 50 minute appointment, per contract year with a specialist career consultant plus a follow up contact either by telephone or email

The service provides practical support designed to help individuals to explore work-career issues, assist them in achieving short-term goals and perhaps clarify longer-term career objectives whilst understanding and aligning organisational needs and their own expectations.

Career Development Toolkit for Higher Education Professionals


Employability pages 

Support for staff

Whilst much of this resource is aimed to support students, elements MAY be useful for staff ie

Career Planning/identifying your skills/ Employability Skills Toolkit


National Careers Service

The National Careers Service website provides a broad-range of job role profiles for you to explore. 

Includes career tools and careers advice.


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