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David Bowes – Service Improvement and Problem Manager

 Information Services


Employment history

  • Initially employed as a Trainee in Information Services on a rotating arrangement working within 4 teams over 2 years covering a range of IT service provision (Networks, Desk Side Support, Server Infrastructure and Service Desk)
  • Subsequently employed as a Service Delivery Analyst covering Service Desk and Desk side support roles
  • As part of Service Delivery I took on a Service Management role, working to translate technical capabilities into user facing services, along with advocating for customer priorities in technical conversations initially around File Storage.
  • The Service Delivery Analyst role developed into a Change Manager Position. This involved managing a process overseeing the hundreds of changes that are made each month to the UoP IT infrastructure and ensuring they are carried out with the minimum impact to customers.
  • Appointed to a secondment opportunity as Head of IT at Havant College. This position included line managing 16 Members of staff, strategic planning, financial budgeting and operational management. Essentially being responsible for a full IT provision for a 1100 Student FE College including Library and reprographics services while reporting to the Finance Director.
  • After a year in post at Havant College I returned to my substantive post at UoP where I began working to explore the benefits of a potential Service Improvement function within IS.
  • In Late 2014 I applied for and was appointed to the role of Service Improvement Manager - This position affords the flexibility to pursue activities that would improve the Service offering IS are able to provide, both directly to the customer, and in internal efficiencies allowing additional resource to be allocated to Project, Request fulfilment and Fault Fix efforts.

Across all of my previous roles my affinity for advocating for the customer experience, while simultaneously being able to understand the engineering capabilities, limitations and processes have proven useful, with each progressive step allowing me to extend myself professionally.

Taking Opportunities

  • I graduated in 2005 from Reading university with a BSc in Computer Science
  • While at UoP I've obtained various certifications around IT Service Management including
  • ITIL v2 + v3 Foundation certificates in IT Service Management
  • ITIL v2 Change Practitioner
  • SDI Certified Service Desk Analyst
  • ITIL Lifecycle Certificate in Continual Service Improvement
  • ITIL® Lifecycle Certificate in Service Operations

HE experience - Key skill areas

  • current role/s - what you really enjoy about it/them
  • I enjoy working with all parts of the department and with our customers, helping them to achieve a variety of activities. I also enjoy that my team and I have developed a reputation resulting in colleagues coming to us for help, primarily around structuring changes to best suit our customers.
  • where you feel your strengths are -
  • I can speak equally well on technical matters, as well as with customers hopefully providing a bridge between the two.
  • key/transferrable skills
  • Over the last few years I'm developed the confidence that I will be able to work out how to carry out a task, even if I don't have all of the skills or knowledge from the outset.
  • I am proficient and am confident across a wide variety of IT technical themes, both infrastructure and user-facing
  • I am conversant with the principles of Service Management, while prior experience has applied this to IT, it would be equally applicable in most Customer facing support departments.
  • where your previous experience helped you in this role
  • Each role has introduced more technical knowledge, both specifically and in how our systems interrelate. I don't feel I would have been able to be a success in any of my more recent roles without the skills and experiences I received during my formative employments.
  • areas of interest etc
  • Outside of work I have new family, and enjoy photography
  • Inside work I have an eclectic set of interests, including IT security, cloud computing, mobile devices, software development, and a variety of other related fields.

Experiences / Learning points

  • what has been really valuable/ or made an impact
  • Thought-out my career I've been blessed with excellent managers, both immediate line managers and senior managers. Without their support I wouldn't have had the confidence to pursue many of the opportunities I've been offered.
  • IS fosters self-starting work where it meets the team, department and University's priorities. This has allowed me to develop each of the positions to use my particular skillset to best add value.

Current update

Promoted from Service Improvement Manager to IT Training & Service Improvement Manager in July 2017.

 David Bowes / Service Improvement and Problem Manager / Information Services