Human Resources

Louisa Caine – Faculty Registrar

 Faculty of Humanities



Employment history
I started my career in HE working in SLAS as a Course Administrator looking after the pre-sessional students in September 2003. I moved to become and Senior Course Administrator. In 2007 I became School Manager in SSHLS and in July 2015 Faculty Registrar for FHSS.

I love working with students and being a CA/SCA. I believe I have excellent attention to detail, multi-tasking at busy times, willingness to take on additional tasks outside of my job role, all of which have helped me progress my career.

Taking opportunities

I decided to study a Foundation Degree in Business and Management after working for three years in SLAS, and then proceeded to take the top up and I graduated with a 2:1 three years ago. I have used skills gained whilst studying in my role as School Manager. I have taken on loads of additional training through Staff Development and a key to being promoted is the willingness to undertake training, putting myself forward for working groups outside of my role.


Experiences/Learning points

My strengths are remaining positive, always smiling and laughing when I can. Nothing is too much, being motivated and willing to learn new things. Good communication with my staff, sharing and pooling ideas has also helped me. I think the University is a great place to work but you need to work to develop yourself, jobs don't just appear. I have worked hard to get where I am by developing myself, taking on additional responsibilities, but also taking ownership and not saying 'That is not my job' has helped me. I hear this all the time and then people wonder why they do not move on with their own careers.


Louisa Caine
Faculty Registrar
Faculty of Humanities
and Social Sciences
Park Building PH 2.14