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Lyuda Wade -Employment history


Roles/Work + Experience

Key skills


PG Course Administrator

(Apr 2004 - May 2006)

I provided full administrative support to students and academic staff on Postgraduate courses in the Psychology department.


I was offered a secondment opportunity to contribute towards an exciting and vital for the University project: implementation of the new Student Records system.

Good knowledge of MS Office suite (Word, Excel) is essential, email, knowledge of relevant corporate systems (e.g. Student Records, it was HEMIS when I started in my role), minutes takings

Understanding of HE and student life cycle.

Good customer service skills, ability to communicate well at all levels through different media and empathy (especially when dealing with students) is also very important.


  • Organisational skills
  • Communication skills



  • Working in a single department could be limiting  - siloed environment
  • Repetitive experience might become boring with time

Jupiter Implementation Specialist


(May 2006 – Mar 2008)

Getting involved in the Implementation of new Student Records system. Providing support to administrative staff at the Science faculty in relation to Student Records system, running training events (including preparing training materials) and business analysis work (options analysis, report specifications, testing of changes, etc.)


This position was offered on a secondment basis. As the secondment was coming to an end I started looking for opportunities where I could apply my analytical skills and progress my career to new levels.

Confident IT user: MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Power Point), email

Good communication and presentation skills. Good organisational skills and ability to prioritise. Ability to deal with issues sensitively and work under pressure, meeting tight deadlines.


  • Taking more responsibility and making decisions
  • Opportunity to have more holistic view – how other departments work
  • Communicating with wider audiences
  • Opportunity to start building a network of contacts (some might even become new friends)


Secondments always end – time to start planning further progression

Business Analyst

(Mar 2008 – present)

My work revolves around IT-enabled and Business Change Enabling projects. It’s a team experience – we implement new IT systems or help University to introduce business changes. In my day to day work I engage with Business Process Owners gathering and documenting requirements, analysing issues, documenting options (including their benefits and constraints) and making recommendations on the best way forward. I work closely with Project Managers, supporting their work and providing advice on process owner's business related issues. My portfolio of work also includes running training events (including preparation of all training materials), briefing sessions and presentations, procurement (from documenting detailed requirements and producing tender paperwork to evaluation of suppliers and award of contract).

Confident IT user: MS Office suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Visio, Project), email

Good communication, excellent presentation skills. Good organisational skills, ability to prioritise and delegate tasks. Knowledge sharing. Ability to deal with confidential matters.  Work under pressure, meeting tight deadlines. Introducing business change initiatives requires flexible approach and good adaptation skills.



  • Strong communication skills at all levels
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Ability to work under pressure and to tight deadlines
  • Analytical skills


  • Being locked into project implementation phases – there is life before and after projects, but you don’t always get to experience it
  • Your colleagues might work on completely different projects and can feel isolating
  • Further progression becomes more challenging in terms of skills/experience etc

Parent Governor, Vice-chair of Governing Committee

Voluntary community work

(2013 – present)

Since my son started school in 2013 I volunteered to become a Parent Governor in the Infant School. In the last year I also was elected to the role of vice-chair of the Governing committee

I take part in regular meetings, reviewing school performance, helping the school to set standards, monitoring and evaluating the progress the school is making towards achievement of its aims and objectives

Working at strategic level, contributing into community life by brining your existing skills so that other organisations (school in this case) can benefit. Communication skills are essential, critical thinking, understanding of matters and issues associated with education sector are also beneficial.



  • Opportunity to work at strategic level
  • Opportunity to expand network of contacts


  • Time demanding – although University supports voluntary work, commitment of personal time to attend meetings and training events is necessary


Taking Opportunities

I have Master’s degree (equivalent) in Environmental Engineering (from the Sebastopol State Technical University in Ukraine) and also FdA in Business and Management (from the University of Portsmouth). I am also a certified Business Analyst holding the BCS International Diploma in Business Analysis.


As a Course Administrator I completed the following training sessions:

  • Effective report writing
  • Minutes' secretary
  • Training on using Corporate systems – HEMIS

During my Jupiter Implementation work I attended the following training:

  • Developing your supervisory skills, course
  • Effective recruitment and selection process, course
  • Making effective presentations, course
  • Training on using Corporate systems – Jupiter/Student Records/Reporting tools


As a Business Analyst I successfully completed the following training:

  • Introductory certificate in Project management, course
  • ITIL course - The Information Technology Infrastructure Library for managing IT as a service
  • Programme of learning modules leading towards the Business Analyst certification - Organisation context, Requirements Engineering, Business Analysis Essentials, Modelling Business Processes. The conclusion to this programme is an Oral Exam at the headquarters of BCS (The Chartered Institute for IT) in London
  • Influencing and Communicating with Customers, course
  • Leader and Manager as Coach, course
  • Safeguarding: Governor's responsibility, course


HE experience - Key skill areas

I love my current job: it has “novelty factor” and every day brings something new. I embrace challenges and genuinely enjoy being at the heart of change initiatives – be it a new computer system we implement or simply changing how we do things as an organisation. I always look for opportunities to develop and learn, and my work allows me (with support of my line manager) to explore different analysis techniques, meet new people and learn more about the University as a business.

My strengths are:

  • Analytical and critical thinking
  • I feel confident making presentations and consider myself an engaging speaker
  • I enjoy sharing my knowledge empowering other people
  • I am open-minded and creative, always trying to think outside the box

I have always been a very organised person, and through my work experience I now have mastered the organisational and prioritisation skills. These are the transferrable skills that any job would require. Also critical thinking, flexible approach and ability to adapt are very useful no matter what you do.

Starting as a Course Administrator has helped me to understand the main purpose of the University business: enabling young people to have the best start in life, setting aspirations and opening career opportunities for them. No matter what work I do I always have this core business perspective in mind.

Thinking of my future progression I am currently exploring options and work experience opportunities that might bring me to the Project Management career path.


Experiences / Learning points

Throughout my studies I have learnt a few important lessons:

  • Education is only an enabler of further development – one can always learn through self-study and experience
  • Not be afraid to make mistakes – failure is a learning experience too!

Current update

Promoted from Business Analyst to Project Manager from January 2017 and attended Aurora programme in 2016/17.