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Career Development - Identifying your skills


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Knowing what skills you have to offer is an important step in the career planning process, this awareness will help you identify how well you match the requirements for a particular job role or employer and what skills you still need to develop. You will also need to be able to outline and demonstrate your skills in any kind of written application and during an interview.

Thinking about the skills you have to offer involves looking at all aspects of your life including your academic studies, your work history (this includes work experience, work shadowing, paid / unpaid employment and voluntary work) as well as the things that you do in your social life such as membership of teams, societies or activities in your community.

For example:



Skills gained



Working in a call centre

Working in a restaurant

Communication skills (listening / speaking)

Working under pressure

Leisure / Social


Backpacking around Europe

Treasurer of the Film Society

Organisational skills

Numerical / problem solving skills



Writing a dissertation

Working on a group project

Research skills

Teamwork skills


To help you begin to identify your range of skills you can complete a Key skills audit (pdf) you can then compare your skills against those valued by employers and start thinking how you might provide evidence of your skills by completing the worksheet.

For help in identifying the skills developed during your academic studies, the Options with your subject series, produced by Prospects, outlines the skills that are likely to have been developed for a range of degree areas. Using online guidance is also a good way to explore the skills you already have and those you may need to develop.