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New Staff Induction & Initial Training

Personal Effectiveness and Communication Skills

The ability to carry out our roles in the most effective and efficient way is often neglected in favour of ‘just getting the job done.’ It is important to reflect on how things can be done better or more effectively, this section encourages you to reflect on your personal skills and see where you might benefit from guidance, development and support.  Learning and Development offer a wide range of activities to improve personal effectiveness and communication skills and help you succeed at work. Topics include managing your time, working with assertiveness, creative thinking and problem solving and communicating more clearly and effectively.

Full details of the development opportunities included in personal effectiveness and communication skills are listed below:

Delivering Excellence

Mental Declutter

Minute Writing and Committee Support

Presentation Skills: Firm Foundations

Presentation Delivery Skills

Springboard Programme

Policies and Procedures

Advanced Information Governance

Recruitment and selection training

The Recruitment and Selection training will now be delivered in a modular style, allowing staff involved in the interview process to access the required modules in a timely manner.

'Trained Interviewer’ status is achieved once the pre programme e-Learning packages and modules 1, 3, 5 and 6 have been completed.

The full programme and module outlines, including the target audience and aims of the module can be found here.

Recruitment and Selection Programme


New Academic staff can expect to be allocated a mentor as part of their induction.

Further details can be found at this link- Statement on Mentoring & Notes for Guidance