Human Resources

Programme Overview

The programme comprises three, half-day sessions which build on each other and include a mix of presentation, group discussion, exercises and university-specific case studies to ensure all learning styles are addressed.

Workshop 1 - Situational Leadership II

For this first workshop participants will be introduced to the Situational Leadership® II model. The content will include:

  • The purpose of Situational Leadership® II
  • The three skills of a situational leader
  • Diagnosis and the four development levels
  • Flexibility and the four leadership styles
  • Leadership style questionnaire (LBA II)
  • The Situational Leadership® II model
  • Over-supervision and under-supervision
  • Next steps and introduction to the coaching log

A pre-workshop questionnaire is sent out prior to the start of Workshop 1

Workshop 2 - Coaching to improve individual and team effectiveness

The second workshop will provide participants with coaching and feedback tools and techniques. The content will include:

  • The skills required for effective coaching
  • Providing quality feedback
  • Asking powerful questions
  • Active listening
  • The GROW model of coaching
  • Skills practice
  • Action planning and post workshop activity – coaching conversations

Workshop 3 - Coaching in context

The last workshop will ask participants to consider coaching in a university context. The content will include:

  • The difference between coaching, mentoring, counselling and disciplinary
  • Individual, team, institutional and environmental barriers to coaching
  • Overcoming objections
  • Coaching within the University and links to the strategic plan and PDRs
  • Coaching to support staff through change
  • Programme review and next steps – line manager and colleague conversations

An evaluation process will be in place for each programme, which will include pre and post programme questionnaires, workshop evaluation forms and discussions with line managers to assess changes in the workplace. Measures of success may be linked to an improvement in staff opinion survey results, improvement in communication, a decrease in poor performance cases, improved personal effectiveness etc.

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