Human Resources

Leadership Attributes

At the Senior Leadership Awayday in April 2016, Peter Brook, Director of HR launched a new set of Leadership Attributes. Informed by focus groups, facilitated by the Leadership Foundation for Higher Education and Learning & Development Advisers, the attributes are designed to provide a clear set of expectations for our leaders and also to allow staff to understand what to expect from leaders at the University of Portsmouth.

The purpose of the attributes is to

  • Guide and support current and aspiring managers and leaders. They  define what good leadership looks like in our organisation and provide a clear set of expectations and behavioural indicators as a benchmark. 
  • Inform a new leadership development programme to support the development of the attributes among our leaders and managers
  • Provide a framework for self-assessment and personal development so that staff can plan the development for their current role and future aspirations
  • Inform PDRs; to ensure there is a balanced focus on the behaviours expected (the way we do things) as well as the skills required for the job (what we do)
  • Inform recruitment and selection decisions;, to select people with the attitude and behaviours needed as well as technical competence
  • Inform local induction so that people know what behaviours are expected from the start.

Download the Leadership Attributes document (pdf)

Work will start during the summer months in putting together a new Leadership Development Programme to support the development of these attributes among our leaders and managers. In the meantime, please refer to our existing Development Opportunities and our Support for Managers webpages.