Human Resources

Explaining what you need to do your best work

This section can help you complete Section A 'Review of the previous year'. In particular it may inform your answer to the question about any other issues that have impacted on your work not already discussed and comments about your objectives.


Do you have the information you need to do your work well? People need different kinds of information. Some of us need all the factual details available. Others need to know the theoretical thinking, how things connect and what it all means. Consider whether you have access to the information that you need, not just to do your job, but to give it your best. Do you have information that you need to or could share with others to support their work?


How do you communicate with others to share information and build relationships? Do the meetings that you attend fulfil their purpose or are they an energy drain? Do you send or receive emails that could be replaced by a quick chat on the phone or in person? Communication is always a challenge in a large and complex organisation; do you feel in the loop with what is going on?


Feedback is information about the impact of actions or behaviour. It is different from criticism. Criticism is judgemental, feedback is neutral. Good feedback is valuable information about the consequence of what we have done and how we are perceived by others. It’s not always good news, but it is helpful and supportive. Criticism feels like a personal attack and can leave us feeling demoralised or switched off. Consider the kind of feedback that you get and whether it is helpful. Do you need to ask your reviewer for more feedback?


Being recognised and valued is essential if we are to feel motivated in what we do. People want and need different kinds of recognition. Some simply want to be commended on a job well done. Others feel more motivated if they are noticed for the effort they are putting in along the way. Do you feel that your contribution is recognised and valued?

Control of your time

There are always constraints on the way we use our time at work, but the more freedom we have to decide when things get done the less stressed we are. It is well known that some people have more energy in the morning, and others don’t feel fully awake until later in the day. If you are able to plan your day to make the most of your natural energy this can help you to work more effectively. Are there useful changes that you or others could make to the way you use your time at work?