Human Resources

Preparing for your review meeting

The PDR form is intended to help you to think through and plan for the review meeting. It is easy for meetings to become meaningless if they are just about completing paperwork. To make sure you have a valuable conversation with your reviewer, you may wish to set aside some time for reflection. You will need to complete all sections of your PDR form before you go to your review meeting. Section A asks you to review the past year. Before you complete it, you may like to read through the sections below on:

Reflecting on how things are going
Explaining what you need to do your best work
Raising concerns

Sections B and C focus on your plans for the year ahead and your personal and professional development. You may like to make some notes on these areas before your meeting, or to read through the sections below on:

Understanding the context of your work
Writing objectives and performance indicators
Reflecting on your personal and professional development