Human Resources

In the review meeting

Make sure the meeting is worthwhile. Take your time to say everything that you want to say. Make sure that your reviewer understands you and records your agreements accurately. Good reviews work best as a conversation between two professionals; try to speak as honestly and openly as you can. Both people should take an active part in the discussion. The PDR form is a working document and should reflect your conversation.

After the review

Making sure something happens

The PDR will be most useful if it is part of an ongoing conversation between you and your reviewer. Decide how you will meet again during the year to review whether things are going to plan. You may wish to schedule some time for yourself, after the review meeting, when you will consider how to put your plans into action. This might involve researching some development opportunities, scheduling new work priorities or beginning a record of your own development.

After all reviews have been completed your Head of Department or Service will look at everyone’s contribution to inform planning and decision-making. In this way your review will have a wider impact on the future of your department or service.