Human Resources

Support for leaders and managers

Effective leadership and management

Maintaining and improving the University's performance, particularly during challenging economic times, is a key theme in the Human Resources Strategy 2012-2017.  Our ability to deliver academic excellence; provide an outstanding student experience and create a workplace culture that is supportive and inclusive will all be influenced significantly by the quality of leadership and management at all levels.

Tailored Support

Learning and Development can provide assistance with facilitation of awaydays, team events or other support tailored to the needs of specific teams or individuals. Contact your Learning and Development Adviser to discuss your needs.

For those with leadership and management responsibility across the University, Learning and Development (L&D) aim to:

  • Offer activities that develop the knowledge and practical skills that result in effective management practice, particularly in areas that support strategic aims;
  • Work with Faculties and Professional Services to identify and address their local leadership and management development needs;
  • Create opportunities to share information and good practice.

The HR Strategy includes an undertaking to promote effective use of coaching styles of management and leadership.  The Leader and Manager as Coach programme has therefore been developed to provide leaders and managers with additional skills to conduct PDRs in an effective and engaging way, work towards a coaching style of management and be empowered to lead staff to achieve institutional goals and support staff in dealing with change.


New managers and leaders can expect to:

  • Agree a Personal Induction Plan, in collaboration with their line manager or a nominated senior colleague.  This structured framework includes a health and safety checklist; a list of essential University policies that staff should familiarise themselves with and an initial development plan. 
  • Attend the Staff Induction Conference, offered twice yearly to all staff new to the University.  This is intended to complement local and role-specific induction activities.
  • Undertake an IT Induction, offered by IT Training, Information Services.

Induction of senior managers

For newly appointed DeansHeads, Directors and other Senior Managers, tailored induction programmes are produced in partnership with the relevant line manager and Learning and Development.  All Senior Managers will be offered a coach or mentor as part of their induction.

Managing performance

Staff with people management responsibility will be expected to attend events that develop essential management knowledge or skills, particularly in relation to new or revised HR policies.  Titles in this series of workshops and Management Information Briefings (MIBs) include:

Effective Recruitment and Selection

Managers and leaders asked to take on the role of the Trained Interviewer on staff selection panels should attend the Recruitment and Selection Programme of events.  This covers essential principles and key stages in a systematic approach to recruiting and selecting staff, including documentation.  

Reference information and recruitment documentation is also available at the HR website.

Equality and Diversity

Managers are expected to attend the Equality and Diversity workshop, presented by Dave Small, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager.  Further reference information can be found at the Equality and Diversity Unit webpages. 

Health and Safety Risk Assessment

Managers are expected to undertake risk assessments and to formulate a plan for controlling these as necessary.  Information and documentation relating to this process can be found at the Health and Safety webpages.

Personal Effectiveness and Communication Skills

Learning and Development offer a wide range of activities to improve personal effectiveness and communication skills. Details of all L&D events can be found at our Development Opportunities pages.

Staff aspiring to management roles

Learning and Development offer a two-day event entitled Developing your Supervisory Skills.  This is aimed primarily at those aspiring or new to the role of first line supervisor.  The event is participative and designed to develop practical supervisory management skills and confidence in the role.

Cancellation policy

Learning and Development do not charge for attendance at their events but operate a cancellation/failure to attend policy that applies to all activities in their calendar.