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University Degree Apprenticeship Scheme

The University provides opportunities for existing staff to consider taking up apprenticeship programmes, subject to the approval and commitment of their line manager, as a way of increasing training and development opportunities. Degree apprenticeships were launched by the Government in April 2015 and offers staff the opportunity to work and get paid as well as learning and working towards completion of a degree.

The University introduced in 2016, the Chartered Manager Apprenticeship Degree, which is the new BA (Hons) Business Leadership and Management degree.  The course is shaped around the individual’s work experience so that as they are starting out on a career they will know how to lead and manage people, projects, operations and services essential to the UK’s future. The University has worked closely with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and liaised with employers to define and create programmes designed to meet the knowledge, skills and professional attitudes for business, both today and the future.

The University is also able to offer a Level 7 Strategic Leadership MBA, which will be available as a Degree Apprenticeship with effect from September 2017.

Business Leadership and Management

Benefits for the employees who take part

With this Management Degree Apprenticeship, as well as equipping you with the leadership and management skills needed, you will acquire the following qualifications:

  • BA (Hons) Business Leadership and Management
  • Chartered Manager Status
  • Level 5 CMI Diploma
  • Full Level 6 Apprenticeship Certification

Each individual will have their own reasons for undertaking and completing this Scheme, but your studies will contribute to you making informed decisions about your future career progression.

The University is currently supporting two staff members on the course and if you would like to find out more about an insider’s perspective, Chris Bayliss, Faculty Student Recruitment Administrator, would be happy to discuss his experiences.  Please contact him at

Course Overview

This course will last 3 years and is offered on a day release basis from work.  This means that for a full-time employee, you will work 30 hours in your job and will spend a day a week at PBS on your Degree Apprentice.  For part-time staff, you will need to work a minimum of 30 hours per week over a calendar year. Successful applicants must have 112 points from 3 A levels or equivalent, with English and Maths as a minimum of level 2. Alternatively, applicants will want to consolidate their work experience with a degree in management and have the energy for a real challenge. For further details of the course please visit BA (Hons) Business Leadership and Management.

Course Delivery

Year One – Managing Self

Within the first year there is a strong emphasis on self-awareness; managing self in terms of knowledge, skills and professional behaviours, the organisation and personal career development.

Year Two – Managing and leading others

With the second year there is greater scope for managing and leading others having greater autonomy to solve business issues within your own organisation, leading people through change, a chance to personally reflect to build and develop your professional development portfolio.

Year Three – Managing and leading strategically

Within the final year the extension of student includes a strategic perspective toward your business and business environment supported by a work-based learning project.

For further information about the course please visit the web pages at: BA (Hons) Business Leadership and Management

Strategic Leadership MBA

This Master Degree Apprenticeship, as well as providing strategic leadership skills, will lead to the following qualifications:

  • MBA (Strategic Leadership)
  • Full Level 7 Apprenticeship Certification

The course will last two academic years and is offered on a day-release basis from work. This means that a full-time employee will work 30 hours in their job and will spend a day release every two weeks  in Portsmouth Business School (PBS) on the Degree Apprenticeship programme. Further information on eligibility criteria and the details of the programme are available on the MBA (Strategic Leadership) web pages.

Application process for the 2017/18 University’s Degree Apprenticeship Scheme

The University is currently accepting expressions of interest for the Business Leadership and Management Degree Apprenticeship Scheme.  Please ensure that you have completed the expressions of interest form and, if your line manager supports you, please contact Becky Quew-Jones (Course Leader) or Jody Salt to arrange an interview to discuss your application.

The University is making available between five and ten places on the MBA Apprenticeship programme available for University staff, and expressions of interest for entry to the MBA (Strategic Leadership) programme by existing full-time University staff, who are on an open-ended contract or a fixed-term contract which does not expire before the end of July 2020, by completing the Expression of Interest form by 31 August 2017.

It is essential that your application should include:

  • what you will gain from completing this Degree Apprenticeship programme;
  • how your department/school/professional service or other work area will benefit from your completing this Degree Apprenticeship programme;
  • confirmation that you are eligible to be enrolled on the Degree Apprenticeship programme and this will be subject to agreement by the Course Leader that you are eligible to join the programme;
  • confirmation that you are committed to attending and completing successfully the programme.  Where applicable, you may be required to attend the course on a non-working day or make a contribution from a partial non-working day if part-time;
  • evidence of your line manager’s support and commitment, including agreement that you will be released from your work on a one day a week basis for the duration of the course.

We anticipate that this Degree Apprenticeship scheme may be popular with staff and managers alike and this is the reason for introducing a University-wide initial expressions of interest application, which will allow us to ensure the maximum spread of staff potentially applying for the programme. 

If your initial expression of interest meets the above named requirements, you will be invited to apply to the programme through the normal route which is outlined at: MBA (Strategic Leadership)

Where there are more expressions of interest than places, a waiting list will be created and individuals will be contacted when future programmes become available.

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