Human Resources

Leaving the University - issues to consider

Once your notification of leaving has been actioned by the HR Service Centre you will be able to view your confirmed adjusted leave entitlement via ESS. If you need to know your leave entitlement before this, an estimate can be provided; please email

Please note the following points:

  • When you leave the University, any outstanding annual leave (pro-rata to the leaving date) should normally be taken before the termination date. However, where this is not possible, provided that authorisation is received from your line manager to do so, payment may be made in lieu of leave accrued but not taken.
  • If your final leave balance shows that you have taken more than the accrued leave entitlement for the current leave period, we will make a deduction in respect of the excess leave taken from your final payment.
  • Please note that payment will not be made in lieu of untaken bank holiday - every effort should be made to use the untaken balance prior to your last day of employment.
  • Annual leave entitlements shown in ESS reflect the entitlement for the full year:  if you are checking your balance, please remember that this entitlement will only be reduced proportionately when a leaving date has been input into the system.
  • If you are leaving within 3 months of returning from maternity, adoption or shared parental leave (or an equivalent period if you have reduced your hours) when you have received University Maternity Pay, the Payroll department will need to reclaim the  University Maternity Pay/University Adoption Pay from you. Please check the Maternity Leave and Entitlement Policy for further details.
  • If you work Less than 52 Weeks per Year, for example if you are employed as a term time member of staff, and paid “average pay” you will need to make a comparison between actual pay due to you (including holiday pay) and average pay paid to you to date to ensure that you leave with the correct total pay. The amount of adjustment in pay will be detailed in your acknowledgement letter from Human Resources.
  • Fixed Term Contract Employees: if you are employed on a fixed term contract, HR will write to you 2 months before the end date of your contract and you will given access to the redeployment module which will enable you to apply for university vacancies before they are published to the wider audience.
  • International Staff: If you are employed via a Certificate of Sponsorship, the University is required to inform the Home Office once you have left our employment.  Please let your HR Officer or the HR Compliance Adviser (ext 8563)know if you have obtained employment elsewhere in the UK as we need to include this information.