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Managing change

Guiding your team through change, and embedding new practices into business operations.

Supporting Positive Change

Change can affect people in many different ways and Supporting Positive Change aims to support all levels of staff involved in change initiatives

Organisational Change Policy: Redeployment and Redundancy (OCRR)

The Organisational Change Policy: Redeployment and Redundancy (OCRR) sets out the University’s approach to dealing with organisational change that may lead to a reduction in employee numbers, however, the approach is applicable to any form of organisational change, in particular, the sections on consultation and communication and the business case approval process.

Staff may be placed in redeployment for a variety of reasons, i.e. redundancy, end of fixed term contract, as a result of MSA, MUPP, Disciplinary process etc. The redeployment module has been created to allow all staff on the redeployment register direct access to all vacancies as HR receive them.

Staff placed in redeployment will have visibility of new vacancies and the opportunity to apply for them, before they are published on the recruitment website. If you have a member of staff who is being placed in redeployment, the Online Redeployment Guide- Applying for Vacancies (Candidates Only) will provided them with help and guidance on applying for vacancies.