Human Resources

Planning ahead

Identifying the competencies and numbers required to implement the team’s objectives and determining how to meet these requirements.

Delivering the University Strategy

To achieve the ambitious aims of our mission and vision, we have developed the University Strategy 2015-2020. The Strategy brings to life our six vision statements and three enabling activities by detailing exactly how we will achieve our vision and measure our progress.   

People Strategy

“We delight in creating, sharing and applying knowledge to make a difference to individuals and society.” The People Strategy (2016-2020) builds on the vision and values described in the University Strategy.

Creating a new post

Grading a new role*

The grading process covers the evaluation of a "new" job/role. The definition of a 'new' job/role is where no other similar jobs/roles exists within the University at the grade required.

Research Roles*

The University HR Department supports academic staff involved in the recruitment and employment of Research Staff.

Academic Roles*

The UoP locally agreed academic role profiles* are generic descriptors of the demands and responsibilities required of most academic staff. 

For enquiries about grading and new posts, please contact

Cost of employment figures(COE)

You can check the COE Salary Scales for grades 1 to 12 (Academic and Non Academic)*

You can also check the COE for PTHP roles*


*Internal only