Human Resources

Recruitment guidance and the contract process for employing temporary or casual staff

If you have a requirement for a casual or temporary member of staff, please complete a Casual and Temporary Employee Requisition form, adding the job description and advert and send to The advert will be used to promote your casual or temporary role through Purple Door, if appropriate.

Purple Door offers 2 options: 

  • Purple Door Recruitment Consultancy (PDRC)- for graduate level roles, an email will be sent out to final-year students & graduates who are registered with the PDR Consultancy. Applicants will apply directly to managers as detailed in the advert. PDRC do not select or match candidates for these roles.
  • Online Jobs Board- an advert will be placed online for students and / or graduates depending on the role and as requested by managers.  Applicants will apply directly to managers as detailed in the advert.                  

Suitable candidate already identified

If you have identified a suitable candidate for this role, who has the essential skills (e.g. requirement for research, specialist secretarial skills etc), you may offer the role to them without advertising the role, using Purple Door.

Contract of employment

In order for HR to raise a casual contract of employment your identified candidate or newly recruited candidate, will be required to complete the employee part of the Variable Hours Employee Appointment form and the following documents:

Please review the Right to Work document check, HESA & EO Forms to ensure that your candidate can be employed in the role.  

Recruiting Managers

Once the relevant forms have been completed, the new employee is required to take these forms to the employing department, including their passport for photocopying (you need to sign to confirm that you have seen the original passport on the copy) and any supporting visa information

Please ensure that the new member of staff is aware they have to submit an authorised and signed timesheet to the Payroll department, University House, on a weekly basis in order to be paid each month. Check the monthly HR / Payroll Deadline Dates.

Once you have checked the completed forms, they should be scanned and sent to . If scanning facilities are not available, the documents should be returned to the HR Department, University House

Should you have any queries regarding these processes, please contact the HR Service Centre


*Internal only.