Human Resources

Tier 4 Planned Hours Recording

The University has an obligation to actively monitor the working hours of Tier 4 students, and to take pre-emptive action to ensure they don’t breach their working restrictions.

This monitoring will cover all Tier 4 students employed by the University (and will not cover any jobs the student may have with other employers). Line Managers (or their nominated deputy) are sent weekly email requests containing an electronic form link to be used to record the planned hours for a student they are currently employing. This form must be completed to give sufficient time for action to be taken if the planned hours exceed the permitted limit: if this happens all the student’s Line Managers receive a warning email explaining that they must negotiate the hours with other University managers the student may have, and to record the updated figure.

Reminders are issued where submission are not made in the necessary timescales. Failures to record planned hours are escalated and the appropriate action taken.

You can also view the process as a flowchart.

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