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Nationality Groups

The following groups are considered to be 'settled workers', are not subject to immigration control and therefore have no restrictions on working in the UK:

  • British citizens*.
  • Citizens of Switzerland.
  • Commonwealth citizens who are allowed to enter or to remain in the UK on the basis of their UK ancestry.
  • Those who do not have any conditions attached to their stay in the UK.
  • Spouses, unmarried partners and dependent children under 18, of people who qualify under any of the above categories as long as the endorsement in their passport places no restriction on their employment here.

●      European Economic Area (EEA) nationals. Member countries are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria (no restrictions on working in the UK wef 1st January 2014), Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania  (no restrictions on working in the UK wef 1st January 2014), Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.

●      Nationals from the EU's newest member, Croatia, require authorisation in order to work in the UK. (People from Croatia must show proof of permission to work e.g. a worker authorisation document -also known as a purple registration certificate, or proof that they’re exempt from this restriction).

Asylum seekers whose applications are successful and are granted Indefinite Leave To Remain (ILTR) are entitled to work in the UK without any restrictions. Asylum seekers are not normally allowed to work in the UK whilst their asylum application is being considered, except in very limited circumstances.

Overseas students studying at UK institutions are entitled to work in the UK, with certain restrictions.

* Note - British Overseas citizens, British Overseas Territories citizens, British Nationals (Overseas), British Protected Persons and British Subjects are all forms of British nationality which require permission to live and work in the UK. There may be an entitlement to register as British citizens in certain circumstances.

If offered employment by the University, individuals in all of the above groups will be required to produce satisfactory documentary proof of entitlement to work in the UK in the job they have been appointed to.

All other migrant workers are covered by the Points based System (PBS), which is administered by the UK Visas and Immigration service. A summary of the process for applying for a visa under the PBS can be found in the UKVI guide to applying for a UK business visitor or work visa.


What is an EEA National?

 An EEA National is a citizen of one of the following countries:



Bulgaria ø  


Czech Republic








Iceland *   

Irish Republic  



Liechtenstein *





Norway *



Romania ø  





Switzerland Ŧ

United Kingdom   




The unmarked countries in this list belong to the European Union (EU).

* These countries do not belong to the EU but citizens of these countries have the same rights to enter, live in and work in the United Kingdom as EU citizens.

Ŧ Switzerland does not belong to the EU or EEA but Swiss citizens have the same rights to enter, live in and work in the United Kingdom as EU and EEA members.

ø The Accession Worker Scheme (AWS) applies to these countries.