Marketing and Communications

PowerPoint template

The new PowerPoint template for staff use is available below. Click the link below to download.


Applying the design template to existing presentations

To apply the design template to existing presentations open your existing PowerPoint presentation and, once open find the 'Design' tab (on Windows) or the 'Themes' tab (on Mac) click on this tab and it should display a list of available default themes. At the bottom of this tab you will see a 'browse themes' that you can click on which will open up a file browse window where you can then locate your downloaded University theme and apply it to your presentation. If you can't see the downloaded template try changing the "Files of type:" drop down menu to "all files", the new template should then show up. You may then need to check each slide to ensure that the formatting is as desired after the template has been applied.

Save as a Powerpoint theme

Ensure you select the theme on your current PowerPoint (hover over the theme, looks blank/white, and the help text should say UoP Master)
Go back to the Home tab and select your preferred layout.

General use template

        General use template                                                   

presentation template  ‌                                                                            


Download the template below:

University powerpoint template [Powerpoint (.ppt) - 135 KB Wed, 27 Sep 2017 14:41:00 BST]