Marketing and Communications

Director of Marketing
Name Position Email
Dorothy Albrecht Director of Marketing and Communications
Jacky Birch Personal Assistant to Director of Marketing and Communications
Marketing Services
Name Position Email
Jon Clutton Head of Web and Digital Marketing
Marcella Kirby Marketing Administration Manager
Paul Gerard Head of Media and Communications
Sophie Dear Head of Marketing and Campaigns
Dr Emma Fields Head of Brand Strategy and Corporate Communication
Sarah Watkins Head of Recruitment and Outreach
Corporate Communications
Name Position Email
Alison Downie Corporate Communications Manager
Becky Bluff Corporate Communications Officer
Laura Molyneaux Corporate Communications Officer
Jane Attwood Corporate Communications Officer
Hannah Drinkwater Corporate Communications Officer
Emma Allen Corporate Communications Officer
Gloria Torres Graphic Designer
Christopher Wild Graphic Designer
Position vacant Junior Graphic Designer
Market Research
Name Position Email
Dr Teresa Dale Market Research Manager
Suzy Ludlow Market Research Officer
Linzi Appleby Market Research Placement Student
Printing Services
Name Position Email
Andrew Gambling Printing Services Manager
Lynn Leach Photo Reprographics Co-ordinator
Philip Herridge Printing & Reprographics Supervisor
Carolyn Veness Printing Assistant
Chris Warnes Printing Coordinator
Rachael Knott Administration and Finance Officer
Jamie Howard Printing Assistant
Internal Communications
Name Position Email
Sion Donovan Internal Communications Manager
Lexa Wokersien Internal Communications Co-ordinator
Natalie Thompson Internal Communications Officer
Media and public relations
Name Position Email
Glenn Harris Senior Media Manager (Research Themes)
Kate Daniell Senior Press Officer
Lisa Egan Media Relations Officer
Position vacant Media Relations Officer
Lucy Higgins Public Relations Assistant
Heather Clark Social media Co-ordinator
Maricar Jagger Public Relations and Events officer
Web and Digital Marketing
Name Position Email
Jennifer Mitchell Web and Digital Marketing Manager
Rhia Weston Web Editor (Campaigns)
Tom Hallett Web Editor (Content)
Timothy Connell Digital Media Officer
Luke Leadbetter Digital Media Assistant
Jasmine Richards Web editorial assistant
Marketing Administration
Name Position Email
Dan Turner Administration Officer
Edith Carroll Staff and Training Co-ordinator
Lydia Fabro Turner Receptionist
Debra Birch Departmental Administrator
Louise Shaw Departmental Administrator – Corporate Merchandise
Christine Barton Information Centre Assistant
Fay Dyer Information Centre Assistant
Susan Van Nieuwkerk Information Centre Assistant
Harriet Harwood Information Assistant
Name Position Email
Emma Deabill Development Officer
Chloe Smith Alumni Relations Officer
Juliet Hasson Alumni support officer
Marketing Campaigns
Name Position Email
Oana Matty Marketing Campaigns Officer
Kevin Gaisford Database & Operations Officer
Alexandra Jones Marketing Campaigns Officer
Chris Bulman Marketing Campaigns Officer
Hayley Youens Digital marketing campaigns officer
Sylvia Grudnik Marketing Information Assistant
Georgia Loud Marketing Events Coordinator
Lauren-Eve Calamri Marketing Account Coordinator
Recruitment and Outreach
Name Position Email
Trish Nicolaides Post 16 Manager: Recruitment and Outreach
Katie Prior Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Laura Butler Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Position vacant Recruitment and Outreach SPO
Sue Curtis Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Daniella Wagg Recruitment and Outreach Project Officer
Victoria Patel Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Ruth Walton Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator
Olga Llewellyn Undergraduate Recruitment Coordinator
Alexandra Wood Undergraduate Recruitment Assistant
Lydia Greenhalgh Regional schools and colleges recruitment Coordinator
Teodor Zhelyazkov Undergraduate Recruitment Assistant
Hannibal Madsen Undergraduate Recruitment Assistant
Education Liaison and Outreach
Name Position Email
Pippa Saunders Recruitment and Outreach Project Officer / Evaluations
Sara Denham 11-16 Manager: Recruitment and Outreach
Liz Haigh Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Claudia Bradshaw Recruitment and Outreach Project Officer
Helena Kelsey SUN Project Leader
Abigail MacPherson SUN Project Assistant
Emilie Smith 11- 16 Outreach Officer
Joe Bradbury-Walters 11-16 Outreach Officer
Nikki Chester Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Laura Eaton 11-16 Project Officer
Lucy Milner Recruitment and Outreach Project Officer
Zoe Harding Recruitment and Outreach Administrator
PG and CPD
Name Position Email
Marianthi Dalkidou Research recruitment Coordinator (Research)
Ali Crowe Postgraduate Recruitment Coordinator (Taught and CPD)