Vice-Chancellor's Office

Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence

The Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence are an opportunity to recognise those who make an exceptional contribution to the University, its values, its ambition, its success, as set out in the University Strategy.

The aim of the awards is to elicit a wide range of examples of exceptional contribution, by students or staff, which might be found in any faculty, school or professional service across the University, and which should be celebrated and rewarded by the University community. The award winners and their nominators will be invited to a celebration event hosted by the Vice-Chancellor at the end of the academic year.

The University invites nominations for Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence.


Nominations are warmly encouraged from all staff and students across the University. These awards recognise achievements by all students (undergraduate, postgraduate, distance learners, those undertaking CPD, whether full-time or part-time), and by all staff (academic, administrative, technical, service and support staff, in faculties or central services, whether full-time or part-time).

Nominations can be made to recognise the exceptional contributions of either individuals or teams.

Nominations can also be made for staff or students whose achievements relate to work with partner organisations.

The nomination should be for a contribution from the previous or current academic year. The contribution could have started earlier, but the core achievement should be within the previous or current academic year, i.e. 2015-16 or 2016-17.

These awards sit alongside the University’s Recognition Awards for staff and existing University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (UPSU) awards for staff and students. Nominations will not be accepted for a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence for a contribution which has already been recognised by a Recognition Award or an UPSU award.

The nomination process is open from October to January.

Making a nomination

Nominations can be made by any member of the University, e.g. a colleague, a student, or a relevant group such as the Students' Union, a faculty, or a professional service. Self-nomination will not be permitted.

Student and staff nominators will need to complete a short form, with a statement describing the achievement of the individual or team in not more than 200 words.

This short summary will be used to shortlist nominations for fuller consideration by the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards Panel. It will also be used to describe the achievement on the website and at the celebratory event, if the nomination is successful. Only successful nominations are made public.

If a nomination is shortlisted then nominators will be asked to record a response to a set of questions in order to provide further detail on the achievement for the panel to judge. They will be asked to set out (in a maximum 5 minute recording or 600 word written response) what the achievement is, what the impact of the achievement is, and provide evidence of how it links to the University’s values and ambitions, as set out in the University Strategy.

Selection and Award Process

The panel comprises members of the University Executive Board, members of the University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (Sabbatical Officers and staff), and staff from faculties and professional services.

Shortlisting will be carried out electronically by the panel and Deans of faculties and Heads of Service. The panel will meet to assess the shortlisted nominations.

Nominees will not be aware of their nomination unless their achievement is shortlisted.

There will be three elements to the scoring criteria that will be used in both shortlisting and assessing the nominations:

Innovation (e.g. in entrepreneurship, in developing efficient and effective systems or processes, in education, in research and innovation, in developing or supporting international links or partnerships, in enhancing the student experience, in cross-disciplinary themes, etc.).

Engagement (e.g. in the local community, with student experience, with industry partners, in the community of learning, with extra-curricular activity, in cross-disciplinary themes, etc.).

Impact (e.g. in local, national, international community, in cross-disciplinary themes, on student experience, on financial sustainability, in research and innovation, in education, etc.).

All three criteria will be scored on a 0-5 scale (5 being the highest score). The panel will be looking for evidence and examples to describe:

  • how significant the achievement is in terms of contributing, through innovation, to the University, its values, its ambitions, its success (as set out in the University Strategy); 
  • how significant the achievement is in terms of engagement within the University or externally;
  • how significant the achievement is in terms of impact within the University or externally.

Timetable for 2018 Awards

  • Nominations are open from October to January. 
  • Shortlisting in February.
  • Shortlisted nominators will be notified in February to complete the second stage nomination.
  • Nominators to develop and submit audio or video-recordings or written responses in February and March
  • Panel will meet in April.
  • Outcomes made public in April.
  • The Awards Ceremony will take place in May or June.
  • Please complete the form to make a nomination.