Combined Honours


How can I apply for the Combined Honours Degree Programme?
New students can apply through UCAS in the usual way.  You can apply for first year entry or direct second year entry if you have appropriate prior learning.  Please contact us, if the latter is the case, to talk through your prior learning.

Do I have to take an equal number of credits in each department?
In Level 1 and Level 2 students are required to take 120 credits.  This must include 40 core credits from each half, some of which may be across semester units, but there are often several core options from which to choose.  In addition, there are a number of options which can be chosen from either side.  At Level 3, students take 40 core credits from each half, which often includes core options, and usually a 40 credit dissertation or project across semesters.

Is it possible to transfer to a single honours degree?
Every attempt is made to accommodate requests for transfer.  However, in some circumstances opportunities to transfer may depend on availablity of places on a course or on the requirements of professional bodies.

Where will I go if I have any queries?
Your contact for general queries will always be the "home" department, who deal with induction, timetabling, course handbooks, unit handbooks, personal tutorial provision and allocation of supervisors.  This may or may not be the first named course on your degree but this will be clarified on enrolment.

How are my modules assessed?
The way a module is assessed varies quite widely.  Some have formal examinations; others are assessed by coursework only.  Some assessments may involve presentations and, on certain courses (ie Drama combinations), even performance.

Do I have a personal tutor?
All students on the Combined Honours Degree Programme have a personal tutor for academic and patoral care.  The personal tutors are always from the "home" department, as the "home" department has ultimate responsibility for keeping combined honours students fully informed.

Can I do a sandwich degree?
There is an opportunity on a number of courses to undertake a work placement during your third year.  You would then return to the University for your final year of study.

What is the purpose of the Student/Staff Consultative Committee?
The Combined Honours Student/Staff Consultative Committee (CH SSCC) is a forum for students to express their concerns, specifically with regard to the student experience on the Combined Honours Degree Programme.  Its remit is to look at the broader picture for students on combined honours, ensuring that there is good communication between departments and that the student induction processes etc., are monitored, idenitifying and addressing issues.

Can the University help with accommodation?
The University has 10 halls of residence and nearly 3000 hall rooms.  There is wealth of information on everything from the halls to help with house hunting.  The information can be found on the Accommodation home page here.  

Can I get Study Support?
Besides the help provided by personal tutors, the University has a dedicated Academic Skills Unit, which provides a comprehensive support system for students who are struggling but also just to help with improving grades. 

If I study a Language will I have a year abroad?
The majority of Language students do take a year abroad, either in a study or work environment, between the second and final year of their course but this is not compulsory.