International Office

Arrival in the UK

Arriving at Heathrow Airport

We offer an Airport Pickup service (£20 non-refundable) from London Heathrow Airport. Staff from the International Office will meet you and bring you by coach to your accommodation in Portsmouth. 

Monday 8 Sept
Tuesday 9 Sept  
Wednesday 10 Sept
Three pickup times on each day:
0900, 1400 and 1700


London Heathrow
Terminal 3 arrival hall

Please read the following instructions carefully:

  1. Please reserve your airport pickup and pay by clicking on one of the following: register and pay by card online OR register and pay by cash on arrival before the deadline of Tuesday 2nd September 2014.  Please contact us if you cannot access either of these reservation forms.

  2. When you have reserved your seat, we will email you (from mid July) with your confirmation and a pick up time slot. Please note it can take up to 3 hours to go through immigration & customs, therefore the time slot we give to you may not be as early as you expected.

  3. If you arrive at Heathrow Terminal 1 or 2, it is a short walk to Terminal 3. If you arrive at Terminal 4 or 5, there is a free shuttle bus to take you to Terminal 3.

  4. The Airport Pickup service is for International and EU students only. Family and friends cannot use this service and will have to arrange to use public transport. Please see options in the next section below.

Missed the Airport Pickup Service?

We advise you try to organise your arrival to coincide with the airport pick-up times above. If you arrive at Heathrow on another day, you will have to make your own way to Portsmouth.

DO NOT TAKE AN AIRPORT TAXI FROM HEATHROW TO PORTSMOUTH AS THIS COULD COST APPROXIMATELY £200. If you decide to take a taxi, please contact one of the following companies in advance:

You can also travel to Portsmouth from Heathrow Airport by coach:

  • From: Heathrow Airport Central Bus Station or your arrival terminal
  • To: Portsmouth Harbour ('The Hard') Bus Station

Direct coaches to Portsmouth take approx 2.5 hours. You can purchase your tickets in advance online at National Express or on the day at the Central Bus Station ticket desk (however there may be long queues and you may not get your preferred time of travel).

Please Note: Once you arrive at Portsmouth Harbour Bus Station, you will need to take a taxi from there to your destination in the City, so please ensure that you have sufficient cash with you (approx £5 to £10, depending on your destination).

Arriving after opening hours