EG50 2017

Poster presentations

Poster Presentations for EG50 2017 Conference

As part of the EG50 conference celebrations we are calling for industrial and academic posters to be submitted for presentation over the three days at the conference. Posters must have an engineering geology or hydrogeology theme. We are particularly interested in: case histories from industry which highlight the importance of understanding geology/hyrdogeology in design and construction; innovation and advances in engineering geology and hydrogeology research and; learning, teaching and training in engineering geology and hydrogeology. There will be a poster sessions on all three days which should generate discussion – the posters will be included in the electronic proceedings for the conference.

Please make your submissions for approval as a pdf by email to – the deadline for submission is 1 June 2017. Please use the poster template provided – once approved the posters should be printed out at A0 size and brought to the conference. Please do not submit posters that are solely marketing – these will be rejected.

Download the poster presentation template.