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Media Production Centre

The Media Production team, based in the Rotunda TV studio, are experienced professional producers and technicians who can provide advice on and practical application of their craft to both staff and students.

They can also  provide access to professional facilities for teaching, production and distribution of media. The use of video and audio is well established in education. In recent years there has been significant expansion in media based resources.  The Media Production team have both the pedagogical knowledge and experience of broadcasting techniques to provide the most effective routes to producing high quality learning materials, corporate and promotional videos.

What we do

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Selected outputs

Computer-aided design software
Computer-aided design software
0:45 minutes

Architecture students demonstrate Computer Aided Design software.

Advance Life Support
Advance Life Support
0:37 minutes

Demonstration of Advance Life Support techniques.

New Fees Explained
New Fees Explained
0:27 minutes

Explanation of the new student fee structure that was implemented in 2012. With a simple change to the graphics this video can be easily updated to reflect any additional changes to fees.

Course Promotional Video
Course Promotional Video
0:42 minutes

Promoting the courses on offer at the university.

Academic theories
Academic theories
0:40 minutes

Reusable Learning Object demonstrating complex academic theories.

Real life scenarios
Real life scenarios
1:04 minutes

Reusable Learning Object demonstrating real life scenarios. This video involved Hampshire Police and students from various departments within the university. It was a collaboration for a large project called 'The Mock Trail'.



The studio is used extensively for teaching purposes. It has been specifically designed to accommodate both students and staff who are learning new skills in television production.  

As well as providing training and experience for students on media related courses Media Production staff can provide all students with a unique experience that is both memorable and an excellent method for developing both team working and project management skills.

Teaching - Media Production Centre

Staff development

Through workshops and bespoke training the media production team can guide colleagues through the production process and advise on using different techniques to achieve desired learning outcomes.

We can also advise on copyright issues, the use of existing materials and sources of archive footage.

MPC Resources - Studio Space

Location filming

The equipment used by the Media Production Centre team is of a professional broadcast standard. Staff are highly experienced and skilled operators.

We can film anywhere on campus or if the funds are available filming can take place anywhere in the world. We have filmed in various international locations in the past such as Venice (Italy), Sweden, Spain and Bulgaria.

Location filming in Venice - Media Production Centre

Studio production

The three camera studio provides a space for developing a quick but very effective solution for creative teaching materials. It is a versatile space which can easily be transformed into a variety of settings.

A lecture, interview, panel discussion or role play can easily be recorded and finished with minimal need for editing.

The large green screen enables moving backgrounds to be easily incorporated.

An autocue facility assists with professional delivery of scripts directly to camera.

Studio production - Media Production Centre

Post-production/video editing

The Rotunda houses three digital video editing suites and a dedicated professional editor.  

The service provided will include footage capture, assembly, image correction, special effects, graphics and sound mixing.

Post-production and video editing - Media Production Centre

Audio recording

Audio is as important and effective as video.

Facilities are available in the Rotunda for producing professionally recorded audio files.

Audio recording - Media Production Centre

Media encoding

Staff in Media Production have pioneered techniques for producing and encoding media for digital delivery by streaming, podcasting or DVDs since the 1990s. 

A comprehensive service exists to help staff to deliver media that they have developed themselves or for which the University has a license.

Media encoding - Media Production Centre

Advice and external resources

The Media Production Centre has extensive knowledge on the use of audio and video in education. We are aware of numerous repositories, collections and archives that can help colleagues to provide excellent learning materials.

We collaborate with a number of external resources, repositories and organizations. These include BoB National, The British Universities Film and Video Council off-air back up recording service and Audio Networks. We can also provide advice on both technical and copyright issues.

We can connect you to other media producers in the University, such as Corporate Communications, the Press Office and production teams within the faculties. The Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) section of DCQE supports the use of technology, including video, for the enhancement of student learning.

Advice and external resources - Media Production Centre


There are charges associated with production. As a largely bespoke product they will vary according to the needs of each project. The cost of the completed piece is not determined by the duration but rather by the amount of work that goes into to creating it. It might often be cheaper to record an hour long lecture than to make a 10 minute documentary.

Contact us to discuss your specifications and requirements.