Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences

Student Associate Scheme

Are you looking to gain experience in an education setting?

The Student Associate Scheme provides 30 placements every year for students to gain experience working in a nursery, primary school, secondary school or further education college. Each placement is for 10 days, the minimum requirement when applying to most teacher training courses. If you are currently undecided about a career in education, then this experience will also allow you to find out if it is the right choice for you!

Why take part in the Student Associate Scheme?

  • Gain the work experience required to enter teacher training
  • Increase your confidence in a classroom setting
  • Expand your knowledge of teaching practices
  • Decide if a career in education is for you
  • Gain access to our network of education placements

Every year we receive many requests from students wishing to gain experience in an education setting. In order for us to manage this demand we ask that you apply via the Student Associate Scheme. It allows us to communicate effectively with the network of nurseries, schools and further education providers in Portsmouth and the surrounding area and means that you receive a placement recognised by the University of Portsmouth. Please note, we are unable to respond to adhoc requests for educational work experience that falls outside of this scheme (this does not include students wishing to gain educational experience as part of the LiFE unit).

The application process

The recruitment process for the Student Associate Scheme is designed to provide you with a short insight into completing a real application. We will use this as an indication as to how committed you are to this Scheme and gaining work experience within an educational setting. The application process must be completed in full and will be used to select the students to receive placements in this year’s scheme. If you require support in your application then this can be accessed by visiting the Placement and Internship Centre.

There are 2 allocations of placements:

  • 15 placements in February - April
  • 15 placements in May - June

Selected students will be invited to attend a meeting in early January to discuss the requirements and suitability for the placement. Successful students will also be asked to attend a compulsory training day in January/April, prior to the start of their placement.