Faculty of Technology

Cutting edge teaching and research in the fields of engineering, civil engineering and surveying, computing, mathematics and cosmology; we are also the home of work-based learning.



  • Innovation Engineering Scholarships

    The University is offering four awards to female students in 2017. Awards comprise of a £3,000 cash bursary in the first year of study. One enhanced award of £6,000, funded by Wartsila, will also be available to one applicant from a low-income household who can demonstrate particular need.

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    Innovation Engineering Scholarships



  • School of Civil Engineering and Surveying

    Our civil engineering, quantity surveying, construction management and property development graduates design, construct and manage the structures and infrastructure used by millions of people around the world everyday.

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    School of Civil Engineering and Surveying
  • School of Computing

    Our School of Computing is helping to shape the future of the 21st century through professionally accredited courses and dynamic research into the development and applications of computer science.

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    School of Computing
  • Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation

    The Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation (ICG) is at the forefront of research into theoretical and observational cosmology and astrophysics including early universe and particle cosmology, structure formation in the universe and galaxy evolution.

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    Institute of Cosmology and Gravitation
  • School of Engineering

    The School of Engineering at the University of Portsmouth offers professionally accredited courses and undertakes cutting edge research in the fields of engineering, product design, communications and computer networking.

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    School of Engineering
  • Learning at Work

    The home of work-based learning, our Learning at Work department offers undergraduate and postgraduate Partnership Programmes which enable students to study for university qualifications without leaving their job.

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    Learning at Work
  • Department of Mathematics

    Our mathematics graduates work across the widest range of industries in roles that require the application of maths in statistics, logistics, forecasting, finance, marketing, research and teaching.

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    Department of Mathematics