How we spend our money

We carefully manage our finances to maximise our impact and long-term sustainability. This helps us achieve our University strategy and deliver excellent value for money to our students.


Where we get our money from

A number of sources contribute to the University’s income. Approximately 79% of is from tuition fees and education contracts. This is followed by government (funding council) grants at 9% and other income sources (including halls of residence, catering etc.) also at 9%.

Invested £12 million in the Future Technology Centre of which £6m came from grants

Invested £12 million in the Future Technology Centre of which £6m came from grants

Income 2016-17

Income £000
Tuition fees and education contracts 183,496
Funding council grants 21,848
Research grants and contracts 7,792
Other income 19,996
Endowment and investment income 550
Total 233,682


How we spend our money

In 2016/17, the University spent £168 million (74% of the total) on academic departments and services, student bursaries and hardship funds and staff & student facilities.

A further 14% (£31 million) was spent on maintenance of buildings and facilities.

£3.3m invested in Centre for Simulation in Health and Care

Expenditure 2016-17

Expenditure £000
Running Academic Departments 117,043
Providing Academic Services 29,880
Direct Costs of Academic Research 6,492
Bursaries and Hardship Funds 6,930
Staff and Student Facilities 13,733
Maintaining our Buildings and Facilities 30,669
Providing Residences and Catering 7,942
Running the University 7,671
Other 6,599
Total 226,959

More detailed information on how we manage our money can be found in the latest financial review.