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Welcome to Molecular Models

Welcome to Molecular Models. We offer a complete solution to UK Universities for printing biological macromolecules. Our glossy high-resolution 3D models are for hands-on learning in lectures, practicals, research presentations, school and college visits, open days and science fairs. Bringing a molecule to life by handling and exploring its unique structure can greatly aid understanding and appreciation of molecular shape and function. 3D models offer a hands-on way for lecturers and researchers to show how molecules work and how biochemical processes occur. The models are durable, long-lasting and in addition to their use in lectures and practicals, can be used to aid the impact of bioscience research grants, media communication and science outreach.

Click here to see some example models recently completed.

To check to see if your molecule can be synthesised, you’ll need to complete our enquiry form. Once you have completed the form, we will calculate how much it will cost to synthesise the model and send you a quote with instructions on how to pay.


We have a simple pricing strategy of £25 per cm in the longest dimension. This price includes VAT and delivery of the molecule inside the UK mainland. Once we have identified your molecule, we can advise the final price.

Further information

You can find more information on the service that we provide by downloading our PDF leaflet.

3D Printing for the Life Sciences pdf, 2.8MB

Molecular Models - 3D Printing for the Life Sciences .PDF download


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We are passionate about our work and happy to answer questions. You can email or call +44(0)23 9284 2057.

A number of our facilities are also available for use in commercial testing and consultancy.