Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Current students

PhD research students

Denise Abboud Study on the Status of Information Exchange Amongst Law Enforcement Authorities in Lebanon
First supervisor: tbc
Afolabe Adedoyin title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Rashid Almansoori Interviewing Suspects and Victims of Sex Crimes:A United Arab Emirates Perspective
First supervisor: tbc, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster
Mustafa Altinpinar Future Development of Turkey's Border Security Apparatus
First supervisor: Adrian James, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Pelumi Apantaku Cybercrime in Nigeria: perception and reality
First supervisor: Victoria Wang, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience cluster.
Louise Broadbent title tbc
First supervisor: tbc, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Michael Bryden Women's Boxing: Providing the Foundations for Preventing Female Criminality and Maximising Potential?
First supervisor: Tom Ellis, Transformative Justice cluster.
Simona Ciobotaru title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Suzie Clift Shaping the conceptualisation of risk among criminal justice practitioners
First supervisor: Mike Nash, Transformative Justice cluster.
Craig Collie A Critical Examination of Features Differentiating Attempted and Completed Cases of Sexually and Violently Motivated Stranger Child Abduction
First supervisor: Karen Shalev-Green, Transformative Justice cluster.
Claudia Cox A critical evaluation of Hampshire Constabulary's service delivery to black and ethnic minority communities
First supervisor: tbc
Catherine Curran Policing Child Sexual Exploitation: A Strategic and Operational Evaluation of Multi- Agency Partnership Working in West Sussex
First supervisor: tbc, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Gary Dalton Interviewing witnesses and victims: an examination of the investigative processes
First supervisor: Becky Milne, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Jude Dandison TBC
First supervisor: tbc
Robert Demott How do Practitioners and Recipients Perceive the Provision of Education in Prisons?
First supervisor: Phil Clements, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Kerry Devitt Transition to adulthood for young adults in the criminal justice system
First supervisor: Francis Pakes, Transformative Justice cluster.
Stephen Evans Corporate and Commercial Fraud
First supervisor: Mark Button, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience cluster.
Leah Fox Assessing the Veracity of Interviews Involving Parents and Carers in a Child Safeguarding Context - A UK and US Comparative Study
First supervisor: Mike Nash, Transformative Justice cluster.
Adrian Gates TBC
First supervisor: tbc
Rachel Goldhill An exploratory study of the knowledge and principles which guide offender manager (OM) decision-making and practice with women offenders
First supervisor: Jacki Tapley, Transformative Justice cluster.
Dennis Gough Crime controlled? New actors in the governance of corrections
First supervisor: Mike Nash, Transformative Justice cluster.
Taylor Hayden-Parker Deconstructing the myths of same-sex domestic abuse – an exploration of perspectives
First supervisor: Jacki Tapley, Transformative Justice cluster.
Alison Heydari A study of the effects of the domestic abuse policy utilising the value based decision-making model when compared to the present policy that uses the positive action model
First supervisor: Jacki Tapley, Transformative Justice cluster.
Emily Horrocks Investigation into the evidential value of fingermarks and DNA recovered from submerged items in underwater investigations
First supervisor: Paul Smith, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Katie Jetten Integrating Forensic Entomology into Crime Scene Practice: Development of New Sampling and Identification Protocols for Blowflies (Diptera: Calliphoridae)
First supervisor: tbc
Ephrems Joseph The criminogenic nature of the darknet
First supervisor: Victoria Wang, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience cluster.
Jeyong Jung How to Deal with Converged Threats?
First supervisor: tbc
Junhyoung Lee Counter Cyber-Fraud Organizational Framework for Korea
First supervisor: tbc
Van Hai Nguyen A Critical Evaluation of the Vietnames Legal Framework for Controlling Cybercrime in the Context of Lessons Learnt from the UK and International Experiences
First supervisor: Mike Nash, Transformative Justice cluster.
Jordan Nunan title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Sean O'Callaghan An exploration of the effect that military training can have on a criminal suspect interview
First supervisor: Becky Milne, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Michelle Odudu A comparative study on occupational fraud and abuse based on Ghana and Nigeria
First supervisor: Francis Pakes, Transformative Justice cluster.
Helen Ody The Study and Application of Underwater Decomposition
First supervisor: Dr Katherine Brown
Kenechukwu Osanakpo title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Ioannis Papadopoulos United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child within domestic policy in the EU focusing on the imprisonment of unaccompanied child refugees.
First supervisor: Dr Aaron Pycroft, Transformative Justice cluster
Madeline Petrillo Discovering desistance factors for women offenders
First supervisor: Jacki Tapley, Transformative Justice cluster.
Jessica Reece Situating Social Justice within the Criminal Justice System: A pragmatic study into the criminogeneity of social deprivation and the role of political engagement
First supervisor: tbc, Social Justice and Penality cluster.
Claire Rhodes Environmental Gunshot Residue Contamination: A Predictive Model to Assist in the Determination of GSR Contamination Risk
First supervisor: Paul Smith, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Md Moniruzzaman Sarker Challenges facing the Sustainability of Community based Policing: The Case of Bangladesh
First supervisor: Barry Loveday, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience cluster.
April Smith Exploring the perceptions and experiences of female peer supporters in HMP Holloway, within a desistance paradigm
First supervisor: Mike Nash, Transformative Justice cluster.
Martin Sparrius title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Peter Steirnstedt Widespread corruption within the EU - perception or reality? A ”behind the survey” look at the perception of corruption in Sweden and Spain
First supervisor: Mark Button, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience cluster.
Lauren Stevens title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Joon Suh Financial Crime in South Korea
First supervisor: tbc
Mark Taylor title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Jemma Tyson A Critical Evaluation of Criminal Justice Service Provision for Victims of Learning Disability Hate Crime: A Case Study of Hampshire
First supervisor: Phil Clements, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Alexandra Uibariu title: tbc
First supervisor: tbc
Myrte Van Veldhuizen School (Non)-attendance, Vulnerability and Offending Behaviour. A Comparative Study of England and the Netherlands
First supervisor: Carol Hayden, Transformative Justice cluster.
Martin Vaughan Role of interview manager with vulnerable suspects: assessing the risk in homicide investigations
First supervisor: Becky Milne, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation cluster.
Jenny Weaver Why do certain police officers choose to deal with sex offenders?
First supervisor: Francis Pakes, Transformative Justice cluster.
Sakduddin Zamli Corruption risk management in land administration in Malaysia
First supervisor: Martin Tunley, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience cluster.

Professional doctorate research students

John Akerele Reviewing the impact of the security industry authority on door supervision
Akiwale Akiwumi Lack of Prosecution of Female Genital Mutilation - An Exploration into Police and an African Community's perspective of the practice in England and Wales
Roy Bailey Policing the PCCs: An examination of the current statutory and political frameworks for holding Police and Crime Commissioners to account
Graham Baldock The application of Western norms in relation to corruption - A Nigerian perspective
Christopher Barratt Aviation Security: Time for a change in philosophy?
Jonathan Bendall A comparative study between Norwich, (UK), and Colorado Springs, (USA), into the motivating factors behind youths involvement in street gangs.
Theresa Breen Who is listening to the girls? Perceptions of risk and the escalation of risky behaviour in young women in London.
Stephen Brown To shoot or not to shoot’ a study into the physiological and psychological effects associated with Police Use of Firearms
Ellanora Clarke Does Family Intervention Reduce Gang Affiliation in Young Men? 
Maryon Cohen Safety at the wheel: A study of Brighton and Hove, East Sussex taxi drivers’ experience of criminal incidents against their person or property whilst at work. Their resort to, and satisfaction with the legal remedies available to them
Joanne Cracknell Complicit, Unwitting or Negligent:  Examining the true impact of money laundering in the legal profession
Davina Cull Friend or Foe? Exploring Police and Offender Relationships in Integrated Offender Management
Tim Day A mixed methods applied thematic analysis of rogue trading incidents from the Thames Valley Police Crime Recording Database
Richard Diston Safe Spaces: Developing a risk-based process for the organisational management of work related violence
Naomi Eales Risky business? A study exploring the relationship between behaviour and risk factors in adult missing person cases
Anne Eason The ‘butterflies’ effect! Emotional Intelligence, Domestic Violence and Police Decision-making
Jacqueline Farquharson Is giving an out of date sandwich to a vulnerable adult a crime? – The outcome of referrals made to the police of vulnerable adult abuse and/or harm.
Werner Gowitzke The 3 Aspects of Police Culture
Sam Graves Domestic Abuse: Understanding and responding from a community safety partnership perspective
Dawn Gray Criminal Justice Social Workers’ perceptions of the impact that working with violent offenders has on them
Stephen Green Of Farming, Food and Fallibility: An exploration of the policies, preparations, perceptions and practices shaping strategy around the risk of agroterrorism in the UK
Ana Grgurevic Plea Bargaining-Comparative Overview, with a Special View on Montenegro in this context
Anita Grzybek Speaking in Tongues: Is the use of Interpretation in the Free Recall Phase of the Criminal Interview a Help or a Hindrance?
Michael Harris Safe and Well? Return Interviews In Missing Person Cases
Alexander Hasenstab The thoughtful security practitioner: Exploring reflective practice in security management.
Beverley Higgs The Lay Magistracy in England & Wales: Competent and Confident? Towards a Continuing Professional Development framework, the practitioner’s perspective  
Neil Honeyman Deterrence or Delusion? Quantifying the impact of highly-visible law enforcement on crime rates
David Jefferies Power and corruption: Does power make fraudsters or are fraudsters better placed to gain power?
Richard John School based safeguarding programmes: an examination of the extent of cohesive inter-agency arrangements between the Police and Education
William Keating-Jones Red Dotted’ A case study analysing how the national Taser training standards are received, interpreted and operationalised by specially trained officers
Glen Kitteringham Security Practitioners' Perspectives of the Alberta Basic Security Training Program
Beth McCloud Bullying in the home? Examining the Emotional and Behavioural Predictors of Adolescent to Parent abuse.
Angela Marinari The Rants and The Rubs: Examining Institutional Advocacy By ISVAs to Identify Recurring Failures of Service to Victims.
Sanjeev Narrainen Understanding the drivers of corruption in contracting firms delivering international development projects in aid-recipient countries. Towards building a corruption risk mitigating strategy
Christopher Needham-Bennett Factors influencing business continuity planning
Johannes Oosthuizen Splitting the Bill: can enhancing partnership links between police and private security during public service cuts be decisive or divisive?
Julian Parker-McLeod Progressing through the ranks: A study of police officer’s continued professional development to chief officer
Dubravka Polic What made people commit horrendous crimes during armed conflicts in Rwanda and Sierra Leone?
Susan Prior Brothers in Arms: A comparison of the lives and offending of young males convicted of firearms offending.
Detlef Schroeder  Interoperability of Police Forces in Europe - Impact of the Differences in Police Sub-Cultures for the international Police Cooperation in Europe
David Scott Transnational Security Consulting: The UK Practitioners' Perspective
Wojcieh Spyt  Social Media as evidence: The handling of social media as relevant material in police investigations
Juha Syrja  Law enforcement intelligence analysis: How does this knowledge management service survive in the crossfire of occupational culture and changing police models?
Fiona Taylor Cuts in Criminal Legal Aid: Assessing the Impact upon Criminal Defence Solicitors
Marie-Edith Tiquet Coercion & Drug Treatment: Engaging and sustaining this - What works?
Carl Watson Information and Intelligence Sharing in the Fight Against Fraud: Examining the Barriers Inhibiting Anti-Fraud Information Exchange and How These May be Overcome
Alaric Woodrow Technologies of Exclusion
Melanie Wright Risk versus need: the challenges posed in the management of older offenders in the community

Recently completed projects

Mohamed Aldarmaki A Reflective Study of how Security conceptualises the international standardisation of security
Daniel Barry Recidivism in the Republic of Ireland: A national prospective cohort study
Adrian Bhatti Duty to consult: Quantifying Critical Incidents – assessing community impact
James Dale All Change in the Age of Alliances! A critical evaluation of contemporary management theory and practice for major collaborative change; comparing policing with the public and private sectors
Elizabeth Doble An examination of the appropriateness of the use of the Offender Assessment System to Assess the Risk that Sex Offenders Pose.
Eunan Dolan Does External Power Affect the Fairness of Public Policing in Dublins North Inner City?
Michael Gilbert Tackling Fraud in UK Central Government: A Review of the Legal Powers, Skills and Regulatory Environment
Bryony Harding Pregnancy on Patrol – a critical exploration of the issues surrounding pregnancy, maternity and operational policing
Daryl Kenny A Force for Good: Exploring the future of non-crime policing
Efstathios Mainas The Network Paradigm in Criminal Justice
Christopher Mason-Watts An investigation in to perceptions of good and bad practice in the Mental Health Review Tribunal
Eric Phelps Mediation and Gangs: A study of Violence Reduction in the Metropolitan Police Area in London
Iain Raphael Cooling hot property? An assessment of the impact of property marking on residential burglary crime reduction, crime displacement or diffusion of benefits and public confidence.
Simon Retford Child-against-Parent Abuse in Greater Manchester: key themes, collaboration, and preventative measures.
David Rubens Beyond ‘Command & Control’: Developing a New Paradigm for Incident Command Systems, Critical Decision-Making and 21st Century Crisis Response
Richard Smith New insights on police culture: A critical evaluation of direct entry into senior leadership roles in the police service
Kuldeep Verma Different Ladders for Police Progression? Reviewing black and minority ethnic officers' progression in the police service
Simon Walls An examination of the relationship between the Police Service of Northern Ireland and the Orange Order