Institute of Criminal Justice Studies

Seminars 2014-15

2015: Researching Missing People

Wed 17th June, Social Justice and Penality seminar, with Prof Carol Hayden, Prof Francis Pakes and Dr Karen Shalev-Greene (ICJS).
Download abstract: Researching Missing People

2015: Hate Crime in Sport

Wed 13th May, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation seminar, with Nick Hawkins (ICJS, Visiting Professor)
Download abstract: Hate crime in sport

2015: Hacktivism as a cybersecurity threat

Wed 15th April, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience seminar, with Dr Vasileios Karagiannopoulos (ICJS)
Download abstracts: Hacktivism as a cybersecurity threat

2015: ‘I blame the parents’ and the trouble with families

Wed 18th March, Social Justice and Penality seminar, with Prof Alan Collins & Dr Simon Leonard (Economics and Finance, University of Portsmouth); Prof Carol Hayden (ICJS)
Download abstracts: 'I blame the parents' and the trouble with families

2015: What works in intelligence?

Thurs 26th February, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation research cluster seminar, with Dr Adrian James (ICJS)

2015: Social media: liberty versus security

Thurs 8th January, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience seminar with Commander Chris Greany, National Police Coordination Centre (ACPO)
Download abstracts: Social media: liberty versus security

2014: Social Justice and Unrest

Wed 10th December, Social Justice and Penality seminar, with David Pritchard (ICJS), Diana Bretherick (ICJS) and Matt Clement (University of Winchester)
Download abstracts: Social Justice and Unrest

2014: Police Use of Body Worn Videos

Wed 12th November, Policing, Crime and Forensic Investigation seminar, with Tom Ellis (ICJS)

2014: Tackling fraud in UK central government departments: a review of the powers, skills and regulatory environment

Thursday 16th October, Risk, Counter Fraud and Cyber Resilience research cluster seminar, with Mike Gilbert (ICJS)

2014: Criminalising Social Policy

Wednesday 4th June, with 3 papers from Kieron Hatton (School of Health Sciences and Social Work, University of Portsmouth), Prof. Carol Hayden (ICJS) and Aaron Pycroft (ICJS)

2014: The Yewtree Effect: Reflections on the Savile Inquiry

Wednesday 7th May, with Peter Spindler (Assistant Inspector, HMIC and Head of Yewtree Investigation)