Institute of Criminal Justice Studies


Photo of Ms Jac Reed

Ms Jac Reed

  • Role Title: Senior Specialist Forensic Technician
  • Address: The Stables, Ravelin House, Ravelin Park, Portsmouth, PO1 2QQ
  • Telephone: 023 9284 5210
  • Email:
  • Department: Institute of Criminal Justice Studies
  • Faculty: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences


As a Crime Scene Investigator with West Midlands Police, I was based in Birmingham City Centre for over 10 years. I was involved in a series of investigations from vehicle crime to burglaries, through to civil disorder, sexual offences and murder.

As a member of the Criminology and Forensic Studies Team, I provide a number of functions including technical support to undergraduate students, MSC and PHD researchers, demonstrating tools and techniques in seminar classes, field trips, community outreach and within the research facilities.

I manage our forensic facilities at Hampshire Terrace and ‘The Stables’ which is our research development Hub, which houses various specialist equipment and methodologies for the development of trace evidence from latent mark and document examination recovery tools, light sources, (including infrared and laser) fume cabinets, specialist powders, through to Volume Metal Deposition, Microscopy and GLscan technology.

As well as supporting our extremely gifted and broadly skilled colleagues within ICJS I provide practical support to teaching in amongst others, Criminal and Crime Scene Investigation, Fundamentals of Forensics, Forensic Photography and the Techniques of Scientific Investigation which comprise a range of topics some of which are Taphonomy, Entomology, Fire Investigation and Firearms.

I also facilitate our partnerships and collaborations both internally and commercially.


  • Humans
  • Teams, systems and relationships
  • Enabling collaboration and partnership working
  • Investigation
  • Wildlife crime


Currently undertaking a MSc in Crime Science Intelligence and Investigation.