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Denis Odera

Your University of Portsmouth experience

Computer Games has always been one of my hobbies and now I am able to study it as a course giving me the opportunity to do what I love. The support is exceptional. The facilities are very professional and can be easily accessed throughout the course of the academic year.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

It is a beautiful city with views from the seaside, the dockyard and even the Spinnaker Tower (which I highly recommend as a ‘must visit’).

Everything a student needs is pretty much walking distance. Its lively nature makes it a fantastic place to live and study in.

Everything is affordable and catered to students. There are student discounts in a variety of stores.

There are opportunities all around; both during term time and in the holiday season.

One can have the opportunity to live by the seaside and experience the spectacular view and sunsets or live closer to the city centre, both of which are routes for the uni bus, making transport less of a worry compared to other universities.

Your extra-curricular activities

Playing video games, playing and coaching football, socialising with my friends and meeting new people.