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Franceli Lora Blanco

Your University of Portsmouth experience

The University is very helpful towards the students. It offers a lot of help in terms of employment, support, housing, the library, counselling and other great services.

I really like how my degree is taught because as it is an intensive program and helps me build my critical thinking and evolve from that bachelor mindset.

The facilities are excellent and they provide students with the latest technology which makes the classroom experience and the learning to be more comprehensive and easier. Plus, there is a talented team of experienced professors that are helping me gain a competitive edge.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

My impression is that Portsmouth is a safe city and very clean. I really like that is a seaside city with a beautiful beach and a nice weather, most of the time.

I like living in the dorms, in my own room but sharing a kitchen which has given me the opportunity to meet new people and make great friends. Studying here, even though is challenging because of the structure of the program, it’s very rewarding with all the new valuable information I’m receiving and all the resources and tools offered for my course.

Your extra-curricular activities