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Ioannis Angelakos

Your University of Portsmouth experience

The great thing about my choice of study is the sheer amount of variety that the course offers. I get to use physiology and body composition equipment at one moment, and then jump into the heat acclimation chamber the next! I also love how applied the modules are, seeing as we are basically preparing for athlete consultation.

The University was a great fit for me. I love how many facilities are available for students (as I noticed in my own course) and the fact that it is not a campus uni was actually much handier. I was also impressed by the library, which was much more modern and easy to use than the one in my last University.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

Overall I am pretty impressed! The city is larger than I’d thought and has plenty of places to go and see, whether it’s nightlife or culture you are looking for. Personally, I enjoy going to Southsea for a cup of coffee or a quick bite to eat! I also love how close it is to London.

First of all, the fact that Portsmouth is a sea-side city is just fantastic!

I am actually from an island, so being able to go for a run by the water or relax down at the beach is something I really like.

The layout of the city within the uni is also really handy, as I can go from the library to the city centre in about ten minutes.

It can sometimes get a bit windy, and thus I have to pull out that Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal lean on the way back from Tesco!

Your extra-curricular activities

I like to run and have recently started Jiu-Jitsu in a school nearby. I am also an amateur musician, though I must stress the amateur part!