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Madeleine Hagan

Your University of Portsmouth experience

All the buildings are relatively close together, making it easy to walk everywhere rather than rely on transportation between classes. Even if you live further away from the city centre, the university bus stops are always close and can bring you to uni in a matter of minutes (which is AWESOME on rainy days).

I chose my Creative Writing because I love to tell stories, and I wanted to learn how to write them well.

Each year new writing styles have been introduced, and I’ve really enjoyed learning how to find my voice in each of them like poetry, blogging, screenwriting, short stories, journalism, travel writing, and more.

The support and guidance offered is incredibly helpful, and tutorials are available throughout each term to give feedback and suggestions before the deadlines.

What makes Portsmouth unique?

The city of Portsmouth is wonderful. I love how close it is to the seaside because the sunsets there are just beautiful. Portsmouth is also mostly flat which makes walking or cycling really easy.

I love how many coffee shops there are in Portsmouth. They are everywhere and are some of my favourite places to write and study. The Rock Gardens by the sea is a really beautiful place to visit too with lots of flowers in the spring, seasonal markets pop up in Portsmouth throughout each term, and there’s always events to go to and places to visit.

Your extra-curricular activities

As much as I consider myself a local coffee shop tourist, I like collecting stamps in my passport as well. I love visiting the beach, and I am rarely without a paperback and/or fluffy socks.