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Teodor Zhelyazkov

Your University of Portsmouth experience

I choose the Business and Human Resource Management course because I like working/talking/communicating with people and wanted to learn more about how and why they behave the way they behave at their work place. I wanted to learn more about motivating, leadership and communication practices at the work place and the course satisfies my expectations. I enjoy the fact that it offers quite a lot of group work and interaction with people from different backgrounds and cultures. 

Portsmouth Business School is one of the best in the UK. The lecturers are great in explaining the academic material and offer help quite often when we have questions or problems understanding the subject. In terms of academics, I like that when we read, study theories we get to put them in practice almost immediately which enhances the learning process instead of just reading theories and not practising. The Library offers fantastic facilities, resources and materials to help us through our academic journey.

One of my greatest impressions is that it is internationally friendly! We have so many different people from all around the world and none of them feel isolated or discriminated in some way. The acceptance from both UK and non-UK students is fantastic. The wide range of cultural and other societies at the Students’ Union also benefits that in huge way. Being part of the Bulgarian society has really helped me settle in and share any good or bad experiences with people from my nationality which is always helpful. I like the University’s focus on diversity and variety in terms of student background and culture which really enriches both the University and the students themselves. I also like the fact that there are always people to help me whatever problem I may have - International Office, Student Finance Centre, Support Services etc. 

What makes Portsmouth unique?

I love Portsmouth! It is a fantastic coastal city and it looks a lot like my hometown of Burgas. I have found that at least half of my Bulgarian friends are from Burgas and they say the same thing.

The sea, ships and all kinds of navy stuff are important to me as I have always been interested in them. A simple walk down along the beach is capable of turning my whole day around.

The wide range of cultures and backgrounds in Portsmouth is a very positive thing which I very much enjoy. The fact that I do feel accepted in the University no matter that I am not native, is absolutely fantastic. Portsmouth is also a great city of culture and tourism. I am a big fan of the works of Charles Dickens and to live in his home city is fantastic! Let’s not forget Sir Arthur Connan Doyle who used to live in Portsmouth as well.

I like the fact that by living on my own I have learned to be independent, take care of myself and the house that I live in. This includes cooking, cleaning and maintaining the property. Being able to work and earn enough to pay my rent and bills gives me confidence that I can take care of myself and allows me to think for the future.

Your extra-curricular activities

I have been part of the University of Portsmouth Big Band for three years now playing the electric guitar and it is a fantastic society! We have a lot of fun, we play regularly at gigs in local pubs, university events and charity balls. It really helped me develop my musical skills and advance in my guitar playing.

I have also been a member of the Bulgarian society for two years and now in my third year I was elected as a President. Our aim is to help all new Bulgarian students to settle in and offer any kind of support we can to make them feel better and get on with the British culture and the University way of life. At the same time we appreciate and stick to our own culture by having regular events, meetings and parties. Our biggest success last year was the fantastic performance at the Festival of Cultures and we are trying to do even better this year.

I also love football and play as a goalkeeper. I recently was a goalkeeper for the International Office football team in match which we won. My teammates were really happy with my performance which was a great success for me personally.

I also often write blogs, commentaries on different subjects such as politics, history, movies and cinema and blogs. I am a moderator on a Bulgarian wrestling fan site, where we encourage younger fans to write proper articles and to develop their skills in writing and arguing.

I have recently been trained how to shoot and edit videos using an iPad and programmes such as iMovie and VideoStar. I quite enjoy editing and filming, this is new for me and I am currently developing my skills in it.

I also enjoy reading books as I believe we do not need time-travelling machines - we have books.