Residential Status

Universities are required to check the residential status of applicants living in Northern Cyprus (to confirm whether home student or international student tuition fees are applicable). The University of Portsmouth requires this check to be done at the application stage.

It is a requirement that students from Northern Cyprus and ALL applications with a Nicosia address send a photocopy of their passport (photo page) to the university at the time of application to confirm EU or non-EU nationality.

Direct applications:

Please send the photocopy of your passport (photo page) together with your application form and supporting documents.

UCAS applications:

Please send the photocopy of your passport (photo page) as an email attachment to or fax it to +44 23 9284 3082 (our Academic Registry department). Please include a covering letter stating your full name and application number so that we can correctly identify you.

Entry Requirements


Applying for BA/BSc Degree:

'Apolytirion of Lykeion' with 18/20 or above.

Applying for MA/MSc Degree:

Undergraduate Degree (equivalent to Bachelor Honours Degree) with 7/10 or 2.6-2.8/4.

Northern Cyprus:

Applying for BA/BSc Degree:

'Devlet Lise Diplomasi' and 1 year of Undergraduate University study or foundation year.

Applying for MA/MSc Degree:

Undergraduate Degree (equivalent to Bachelor Honours Degree) with 2.6-2.8/4.

Some courses will require you to have studied relevant subjects. Please see our courses for more details.

English Language requirements:

We accept IELTS, TOEFL, IGCSE  and several other certificates. The required score will depend on level of entry and your chosen course. Please visit English language requirements for more details. For information on examination dates, please visit the British Council Cyprus website.


Our International Officers travel to Cyprus regularly for Education Fairs, visits to agents and other events. These are great opportunities to speak to us about applying to study at the University of Portsmouth and it would be great to meet you there!

See our upcoming events below, or check our events page for full listings. 


Our International Officers are specialists in helping students from your region to apply and can answer any questions you might have. 

Contact Jessica if you have any questions!

Our Representatives

If you would like to apply to study at the University of Portsmouth, please contact one of our representatives for your country:


A.A.Unilink Education Services Ltd

Limassol Head Office
22A Apostolon Petrou and Pavlou Street, 3085 Limassol
Contact person: Antonis Antoniades
Tel: +357 25 388011
Fax: +357 25 388014

Larnaca Office
Leoforos Ayion Anargyron 1722A
Kalia Court 1, 6075 Larnaca
Tel/Fax: +357 24 660079

Paphos Office
Georgiou Azina 47
8221 Chloraka, Paphos
Tel: +357 26 273573
Fax: +357 26 270595

Northern Cyprus:

SUCCESS Private ELT and Consultancy Centre

1/C Sakarya Street, Koskluciftlik, Nicosia
Contact Person: Pembe Delikurt
Tel: +90 533 868 3599

Acadia Educational Services

PO Box 51701, 3508 Limassol
Contact Person: Nicholas Kythreotis
Tel: +357 25 754442
Fax: +357 25 382248

Middleton Educare

1-3 Bouboulinas Street, Flat 23, 1060 Nicosia52 Alexandropoleos Street, 8027 Pafos
Contact Person: Michael Middleton
Tel: +357 269 33884
Fax: +357 269 11662

Contact Person: Michael Middleton
Tel: +357 22 817300

Savvides Institute

2 E.Papachristoforou, Strovolos 2019, PO Box 23670, 1685 Nicosia
Contact Person: Andrie Savvidou
Tel: +357 225 14191
Fax: +357 225 14171

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