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Dominican Republic


Our International Officers travel to the Dominican Republic regularly for Education Fairs, visits to agents and other events. These are great opportunities to speak to us about applying to study at the University of Portsmouth and it would be great to meet you there!

See our upcoming events below, or check our events page for full listings. 

University of Portsmouth MESCyT scholars
University of Portsmouth 2016 MESCyT scholars with Jonathan Williams, Joe Hall and Anna Vaernes of the International Office

PassPort Bursary

Students from Dominican Republic are eligible to receive our PassPort Bursary. The PassPort Bursary gives privately-funded students a 10% tuition fee reduction for their first year of study at Portsmouth. It applies to all degree courses with fees of £13,200 and above for 2018 entry. You do not need to apply for the PassPort Bursary - eligible applicants will be awarded automatically.

Scholarship information

In March 2014 the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MESCYT) signed a five year agreement with the University of Portsmouth to provide scholarships to students from the Dominican Republic at Masters level. Under this agreement, a number of sponsored students will be eligible to enter courses at the University in the following areas:

MSc Educational Leadership and Management

MSc Petroleum and Gas Engineering

MSc Medical Biotechnology

Candidates for these degrees will be required to meet the standard University entry requirements as follows:


  • A good Licenciatura (of at least 4 years) from a recognised higher education institution
  • A degree discipline relevant to the proposed postgraduate study
  • A minimum grade of 80 out of 100, 3 out of 5, or Muy Bueno/Very Good
  • Certain courses may have other prerequisites, as detailed on our course webpages


Additionally, all applicants must meet our specified English language requirements:


CEFR level



with no component score less than 6.0  


You can apply to the University at any time and we will consider you for a Conditional Offer. This offer cannot be made firm until we have received confirmation from MESCYT that your scholarship has been formally approved. When we receive this confirmation, we will change any offer to Unconditional. You will then be able to apply for on-campus student housing for your study year.

When making your application, under the menu "What is the name of your agent or representative" please select:
DOMINICAN MINISTERIO DE EDUCACION SUPERIOR, CIENCIA Y TECNOLOGIA (MINISTRY OF H.E.) This will ensure your application is not unnecessarily delayed.
If you have any enquiries about this scheme, please contact Jonathan Williams in the International Office:

Tel: 02392 843403

International Alumni Referral Awards

We know that the best promotion is 'word of mouth'. We also know that if students have a good experience at Portsmouth, they will tell their friends, family and colleagues - and sometimes, as a result, one of those people decides to come and study at the University of Portsmouth. We want to formally recognise this assistance in recommending that person to the University of Portsmouth.

The International Alumni Referral Award (IARA) scheme is for current and former University of Portsmouth students who refer an applicant to study here. We reward the current/former student with £400 if their application results in a registration.

How does the scheme work?

Please use the following form:

Please download and complete the International Alumni Referral Award Form above. You must ensure that the International Alumni Referral Award Form is attached to the online application when it is submitted. When you are submitting the online application, please select IARA from the agent drop-down menu and attach a copy of the completed IARA Form with the 'Supported Documents Area'.

Please note: we cannot link the application to you after we have received the application and it has been input into the University's Admissions System.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please email us.

Dominican Student Experience

"The University is very well-focused on the student’s welfare; with every member of its community well trained to give students the help they need. 

The fact that every information is available online is extremely different from other countries. At other universities, professors like to retain information, such as lectures, and if you did not understand something then you have a problem. But here their focus is to teach you as much as they can and to give you access to as many resources as you need.

In the Dominican Republic, we are used to having one teacher by subject and so on. However, here in Portsmouth, you will have several professors within the same subject. Thus the student does not get tired nor feel the monotony.

At the end, the student has acquired knowledge both in the unit and in a variety of subjects from our field, thanks to the input of all those professionals helping the development of our knowledge and ambitions." 

Raynoa Abreu Garcia

Course: MSc Crime Science, Investigation & Intelligence
Country: Dominican Republic

Raynoa Abreu Garcia from Dominican Republic

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