International Students


Entry Requirements

We are happy to consider overseas applications on a case by case basis. As a general guide:


The Attestat o Srednem Obrazovami (Certificate of Secondary Education grade 11) is not a sufficient qualification for direct entry onto our undergraduate programmes.

We recommend students take a foundation programme at our partner college, International College Portsmouth (ICP)


A-Levels and the International Baccalaureate are accepted for year 1 entry onto our undergraduate programmes.

1 year of a degree programme in Kazakhstan may be accepted into year 1 of an undergraduate programme


Students who have a four year Bachelors (bakalyr) degree from a recognised university are eligible for postgraduate study at Portsmouth.

Kazakh Alternative Name English Translation
5 Otlichno 1st
4-4.9 Khorosho 2:1
3.5-3.9 Khorosho 2:2

For entry onto our MBA International, students will also need at least 3 years relevant work experience after graduation in a managerial or supervisory capacity. Work experience is also required for several other postgraduate courses and many courses will require you to have studied relevant subjects. Please see our courses for more details.


Students holding a good Masters Degree will be considered for PhD study upon submission of a research proposal. Please visit our Graduate School pages for information on specific areas of research.

English Language requirements:

We accept IELTS, IGCSE and several other certificates. The required score will depend on your level of entry and your chosen course. Please visit English language requirements for more details. We offer Pre-sessional English language programmes for applicants who do not yet meet the required English level for entry onto our degree courses.

International Alumni Referral Awards

We know that the best promotion is 'word of mouth'. We also know that if students have a good experience at Portsmouth, they will tell their friends, family and colleagues - and sometimes, as a result, one of those people decides to come and study at the University of Portsmouth. We want to formally recognise this assistance in recommending that person to the University of Portsmouth.

The International Alumni Referral Award (IARA) scheme is for current and former University of Portsmouth students who refer an applicant to study here. We reward the current/former student with £400 if their application results in a registration.

How does the scheme work?

Please use the following form:

Please download and complete the International Alumni Referral Award Form above. You must ensure that the International Alumni Referral Award Form is attached to the online application when it is submitted. When you are submitting the online application, please select IARA from the agent drop-down menu and attach a copy of the completed IARA Form with the 'Supported Documents Area'.

Please note: we cannot link the application to you after we have received the application and it has been input into the University's Admissions System.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please email us.

Our Representatives

If you would like to apply to the University of Portsmouth, please contact one of our representatives:


165B / 72 G Shevchenkio Street, Corner of Radostovca Street
Office 511, Almaty 050009
Contact: Devin Hewitt

Kunayeva Street, Office 67, Nursaya - 1
Astana City 010000
Contact: Devin Hewitt

LLP "Linguistic Center"

116 Pushkin Street, 38 Apt., Almaty 050000
Contact Person: Gaukhar Salamatova
Tel: +7 727 291 3230
Fax/Tel: +7 727 291 2785

Intellect Agency

188 Dzhambul Street, Apar 41, Almaty 050008
Tel: +7 727 375 1708

Regent-Calderdale Consultational and Educational Centre

Office 2, 30 Dzandosov Str, Almaty 050057
Contact Person: Dr Sayat Imadiyev
Tel: 03372 755 111
Fax: 03372 632 537

17 Tahsenov Street, Office 106, Astana 010000
Contact Person: Saltanat Sultunkulova
Tel: 07172 225 919

International Certification Centre

Bolshaya Novodmitrovskaya Street 23/6, Moscow
Contact person: Rusakova Anastasia
Tel: +749 5510 9845
Fax: +749 566 2820