Entry Requirements

We are happy to consider overseas applications on a case by case basis. As a general guide:

Applying for a BA/BSc Degree

'Vitnemål fra den Videregående Skole' with an average grade of 4/6 or above.

Applying for an MA/MSc Degree

Undergraduate Degree (equivalent to Bachelor Honours Degree) with an overall grade B or C / 1.0-2.5 (on a 4 point scale). Some courses will require you to have studied relevant subjects. Please see our courses for more details.

English Language Qualifications:

We accept Vitnemal English examination at Grade 4 or above, or IELTS, TOEFL, IGCSE and several other certificates. The required score will depend on level of entry and your chosen course. Please visit English language requirements for more details.


Our International Officers travel to Norway regularly for Education Fairs, visits to agents and other events. These are great opportunities to speak to us about applying to study at the University of Portsmouth and it would be great to meet you there!

See our upcoming events below, or check our events page for full listings. 

Financial Assistance

Norwegian students studying in the UK can apply for financial support from Lånekassen. There are various types of support available. Please visit for details.

International Alumni Referral Awards

We know that the best promotion is 'word of mouth'. We also know that if students have a good experience at Portsmouth, they will tell their friends, family and colleagues - and sometimes, as a result, one of those people decides to come and study at the University of Portsmouth. We want to formally recognise this assistance in recommending that person to the University of Portsmouth.

The International Alumni Referral Award (IARA) scheme is for current and former University of Portsmouth students who refer an applicant to study here. We reward the current/former student with £400 if their application results in a registration.

How does the scheme work?

Please use the following form:

Please download and complete the International Alumni Referral Award Form above. You must ensure that the International Alumni Referral Award Form is attached to the online application when it is submitted. When you are submitting the online application, please select IARA from the agent drop-down menu and attach a copy of the completed IARA Form with the 'Supported Documents Area'.

Please note: we cannot link the application to you after we have received the application and it has been input into the University's Admissions System.

If you have any questions about this scheme, please email us.


Our International Officers are specialists in helping students from your region to apply and can answer any questions you might have. 

Contact Jessica if you have any questions!

Our Representatives

If you would like to apply to the University of Portsmouth, please contact one of our representatives:


Study Outside Norway
Kjopmannsgata 10, 7013 Trondheim
Contact person: Kristin Hulsund Kvam
Tel: +47 73 80 9736
Fax: +47 73 80 9751

Study Outside Norway
Halfdan Kjerulfsgate 4, 5017 Bergen
Contact person: Kamilla Stølen 
Tel: +47 73 80 9733

Study Outside Norway
Torggata 11, 0181 Oslo
Tel: +47 73 80 9734
Contact person: Thomas Horvath Svendsen

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