Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence for the Study of a Transnational Europe


Key members of staff in CESTE are:

JM Professor Michael Mannin

(ad personam)

As JM Chair,  acts as academic director of the project.  Former Director of EU studies at Liverpool John Moores University, 1991 – 2009.  He will contribute to the Understanding Europe course and is involved in the Transnational European External Relations project research  .  Recent relevant publications: British Government and Politics – Balancing Europeanisation and Independence (2010).  Currently engaged in a transnational research consortium The Europeanisation of European Politics has led to an edited volume (with C. Bretherton). Visiting Professor in EU Studies at Lyon Lumiere II (1997-2010), former Fulbright Visiting Professor New York University, and Loewenstein Professor Amherst MA, (2005).  Has been JM Chair since 1999 (with ad personam award from 2006).  .

Dr Paul Flenley

Principal Lecturer in Politics and director of Masters programmes in European and International Studies.  A Russian linguist, he has published widely in the field of Russian and EU foreign relations and is a long-time editor of the UK benchmark Journal of Contemporary European Studies.  Contributes to the UACES EU-Russia Research Network as well as the International Affairs Forum.  PhD Supervisor and advisor.   Leads the Transnational Dimension in European External Relations project  with Michael Mannin.  Played a leading role in founding and running the IMPREST (International Masters Programme for European Studies) consortium including Maastricht, Krakow and St Petersburg universities.  Main research interests in the field of EU-Russian Relations and EU Neighbourhood Policy. 

Dr Carine Germond

Senior Research Fellow and Marie Curie Intra-European Fellow.   She has received a large number of prestigious fellowships from institutions across Europe (e.g. DFG, EUI, European Commission) and is an established expert in the history of the European Union. She has taught and published extensively on European integration history, comparative and transnational history in the 20th-century.  Contributes to the research project Transnational Experts and Expertise. Her publications include the monograph Partenaires de raison: Le couple France-Allemagne et l’ unification de l’Europe (Munich: 2014) and several contributions on experts and expertise in agricultural policy-making in Europe and post-war Franco-German relations.

JM Professor Dr Karen Heard-Lauréote

Confirmed JM Chair in 2012, Deputy Director of CEISR  and  Reader in European Politics.  She will lead the Transnational Experts and Expertise project  with  Dr Germond. Main research interests in EU networks/committees and EU transnational socialisation via EC committee governance.  Also research coordinator of a further CEISR-funded project on experts in EU policy-making.   Recent publication is EU Governance: Efficiency and Legitimacy in the European Commission Advisory Committees (2010).  She is the co-ordinator for a Jean Monnet module 529260-LLP-UK-AJM-MO 2012.  

Professor Wolfram Kaiser

Professor of European Studies. His main research interests are in contemporary European history and politics, especially European integration in long-term perspective and global context.  He  leads the research project Transnational Negotiation of Memory in Europe (F2.1) with colleagues from CEISR, and contributes to the project Transnational Experts and Expertise.  Recent publications include (with J. Schot) Making the Rules for Europe. International Organizations, Experts, Cartels (2014) and (with S. Krankenhagen and S. Poehls) Exhibiting Europe in Museums.  Transnational Networks, Collections, Narratives, and Representations (2014). Has broader interests in the processes of Europeanisation and globalisation.  Visiting Professor, College of Europe, Bruges; Regular Fellow, Research College “The Transformative Power of Europe”, Free University of Berlin;Honorary Senior Fellow, Center for European Integration Studies, Bonn.

Dr Nora Siklodi

CESTE Research Associate and Lecturer in Politics & European Studies. Her main research interests are in contemporary European politics, especially European citizenship and migration. She has a PhD from the Department of Politics and International Relations at Royal Holloway, University of London. Her doctoral research explored whether, how, and to what extent citizens have realised the ideals of European citizenship envisaged by the leading actors in the EU. More specifically, it probed the affects of intra-EU mobility on citizens’ perceptions of European identity, rights and political participation.

Dr Anna Syngellakis

Senior Lecturer in European Law and former Jean Monnet chair (1990 - 2011). She will lead the development of the on-line module Understanding Europe. Research interests in European Union and International Environmental Law and Policy; sustainable development issues; environment policy and law in relation to human rights and citizens’ rights; former European Editor of the Environmental Law and Management Journal.