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Dilapidations: An update on the law and best practice

Disputes relating to dilapidations remain as high as ever on the agenda, possibly higher given the severity of the financial pressures on both tenants and landlords, and the uncertain emergence from recession. Professional advice, whichever side of the table is involved, needs to be informed by a certain grasp of the law and a knowledge of what is current best practice. This course provides a refresher on the law and the implication of recent cases, gives an overview of key areas and issues in current practice and provides practical advice on the tactics and management of claims. It will include extensive references to examples and case studies and include an interactive session.

The course covers:

  • importance of the repairing obligation within commercial leases
  • relationship between repair and other leasehold obligations
  • landlord’s options when the tenant is in breach
  • dilapidations claim management and tactics to be considered by the parties
  • potential future uses of the building and the overruling effect of the landlord’s intention
  • the Property Litigation Act Pre-Action Protocol
  • updates on recent case law and current dilapidations practice

Terry Davis is the principal of TN Davis Chartered Surveyors. He is a member of the RICS Dilapidations Forum Steering Group, the Dilapidations Guidance Note Working Group, a keen contributor to the Forum and a regular CPD speaker for many providers.

Emily Walsh is a qualified solicitor who specialised in commercial landlord and tenant and development. She joined the University in 2010 and is a regular CPD presenter.

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Terry Davis FRICS, TN Davis Chartered Surveyors

Emily Walsh MA PhD LLB Solicitor, University of Portsmouth


The Hog’s Back Hotel Farnham GU10 1EX


Wednesday 15 November 2017, 9:20am–12:40pm

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