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Housing Issues: Supply and Affordability

For many years housing supply has not kept up with demand and output of both private and social housing has fallen well below that achieved in the past and short of targets set by government. Shortage of supply inevitably creates upward pressure on prices and gives rise to complex and multi-faceted affordability issues. Government policies for housing are extremely contentious and are seen by many as more likely to compound than to resolve problems. This course is led by a Past President of the RICS and Chief Executive of the Broadland Housing Group. It identifies the key issues, examines the underlying causes, draws on international comparisons and considers possible solutions.

The course covers:

  • the origins, causes and nature roots of the housing crisis
  • supply in the private and social sectors
  • affordability
  • new legislation and government policies
  • international comparisons
  • development case study
  • challenges to housing agencies
  • recent political pressure including Brexit and other political pressures

Michael Newey is Chief Executive of the Broadlands Housing Group and Immediate Past President of the RICS. He had extensive experience of practice in the private sector before specialising in the housing sector, has significant international experience and has advised on housing policy to government in the UK and Australia.

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Michael Newey BSc FRICS FCIH MAHI, Chief Executive - Broadland Housing Group


The Hog’s Back Hotel, Farnham GU10 1EX


Wednesday 28 March 2018, 1:50pm–5:10pm

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